Parmy Dhillion

With his dedication to authenticity and compelling storytelling, Melbourne-based singer-songwriter Parmy Dhillon, has gradually made a name for himself in the music business. Parmy’s early exposure to a complex tapestry of sounds and stories set the stage for his artistic journey. He grew up in a family that valued music and cultural traditions. He was able to combine the vivid elements of his Indian background with modern Western techniques after moving to Australia, which created new opportunities for him to explore musically.

Parmy Dhillion’s career took off with his debut EP, which began his career and showcased his ability to blend emotive words and memorable melodies. Over the years, he has released two EPs and three full-length albums, all of which highlight his growth as a musician and his persistent dedication to telling tales that have a deeply personal impact. His song has captured the hearts and minds of many listeners with its raw intensity. Parmy’s music is very affecting and relevant due to his skill at incorporating personal experiences into his lyrics.

With the release of his most recent track, “India,” on May 18th, 2024, Melbourne-based musician Parmy Dhillon is poised to enthrall listeners once more. This moving song honors Parmy’s late father in a sympathetic way and is a lively celebration of his cultural background. With the song “India,” Parmy skillfully combines modern pop music with the vibrant, rich musical traditions of his native country to create a thoroughly vivid and refreshing soundtrack. “India” is poised to become a noteworthy song that invites listeners to consider their own ethnic identities and legacies while paying tribute to the past with its poignant storyline and energetic accompaniment.

Prepare to be swept away by the wonders of “India” by Parmy Dhillon. This track intoxicated me with its smooth rhythm and groove, its energetic vibe, and its irresistibly danceable melody. Ever heard a pop song infused with India’s musical heritage and cultural sensibilities? If not, then you’re in for a treat, because this song perfectly embodies that blend. Parmy Dhillon has taken the infectious groove of pop and married it seamlessly with India’s vibrant and intoxicating musical heritage. The result is a song that radiates the purity and charm of India’s cultural roots.

The song opens with a deceptively soothing tone. The calming sounds of double-layered synth piano melodies create a serene introduction. There’s a smooth, softer melody riding on top of a thicker, more dense one, establishing a peaceful ambiance. But as soon as the song hits the 0:10 mark, a new rhythm is unleashed. An energetic and danceable groove takes over, driven by the happy claps of percussions and the steady rhythmic pulse of the drum beat. This beat feels almost anthemic in nature, blending effortlessly with the vibrant percussion movements. The undertone vibrating string sounds add a subtle shake to the song, while the lovely sound of a flute-like instrument brings a bright, paradisical feel. Together, these elements create a dynamic cultural pop sound, complete with a unique groove and dance vibe.

Parmy Dhillion

At the 0:19 mark, I felt the heavy and majestic movements of the bass sound. This addition gives the song the thick texture it needs, adding depth and richness. Then, finally, Parmy Dhillon’s voice enters the scene. His vocals come in hot with the lyrics, delivered with so much passion and clarity. His voice is soft yet powerful, clear and soothing, with perfect pitch. There’s a dynamic feel to his voice, a smooth movement that he handles effortlessly and majestically. As the song progresses, it maintains this thick-textured, energetic rhythm and excellence. The flute-like sound returns intermittently, serving as a highlight and elevating the song’s paradisical feel in an unconventional way.

The inclusion of backup vocals adds a much richer sound to the track. These backup vocals have a lighter feel compared to Parmy’s voice, providing a calming sound while still feeling like the melodic combination of a thousand voices. The percussion sounds evolve perfectly throughout the song. At times, they even have a hand-clapping percussive feel, making the song feel more original and authentic. Between the 2:13 and 2:29 marks, something truly magnificent happens. The song takes an unconventional turn, revealing more cultural sensibilities. The balance of a trumpet-like sound with its silky, velvety quality joins the thick progressive bass, rhythmic drum base, and unique percussion.

But this time, there are also culture and tradition-infused vocal chants of both call and response, giving the song a very traditional feel. It feels like a chant and war cry, adding a powerful layer to the composition. At the 2:30 mark, for the first time, the song unveils a soft melody created by the smooth sounds of the piano, gentle strings of the guitar, and the soft touch of the bass. This creates a serene backdrop for Parmy Dhillon’s exquisite vocals. His voice stands out against this new, softer soundscape, showcasing his versatility as an artist. Then, at the 2:45 mark, the song begins to change again, starting to revert back to its original rhythmic groove and energy.


This new journey starts with the rhythmic pulse and consistency of the drum base and percussion, gradually building up. The song finally hits its climax at the 3:05 mark with a modulated reappearance of the energetic instrumentation. This time, every single element and instrument involved come together for a fuller and richer feel. The inclusion of people cheering in the background adds to the song’s happy mood, giving it a truly authentic feel. This climax is a celebration, a fitting tribute to the themes of heritage and remembrance that the song encapsulates.

What sets “India” apart is its contemporary feel and pattern. Despite its deep cultural influences, the song maintains a modern vibe that allows Parmy Dhillon’s vocals to soar effortlessly over the instrumentation. From beginning to end, his voice remains the true star of the show. There is a perfect harmony between his vocals and the accompaniment, with neither one overpowering the other. This flawless fusion of the past and present is a remarkable piece of art, and it serves as a potent reminder of the value of one’s cultural identity and ancestry. “India” is proof of Parmy Dhillon’s skill and his capacity to elicit strong emotional responses from listeners.

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