Amii Dawes – Carefully Yours (With Stephen Tanner)

Amii Dawes is a British singer-songwriter from Northampton. She has been touring the United Kingdom and Europe since 2011, and she has recently ventured into a new genre of music that she is very excited for people to hear. She had previously performed in a number of bands, which allowed her to play Radio 1 Live Lounge sessions in Maida Vale and go on to perform at Glastonbury. 

Amii Dawes and Stephen Tanner met around two years ago while performing on the same bill and quickly became friends. They have always admired each other’s music and songwriting styles. The Civil Wars and Damien Rice are two of the band’s main influences. 

They wanted to write a song that told a tragic, two-sided love story. They came with “Carefully Yours,” despite one person’s fragility and the other person’s love for them. “Carefully Yours” will be released as a single on December 2nd, 2022. It describes both sides of a love story. In this case, the girl whose heart has been broken too many times and has left her feeling frail. Despite this, the boy sees something special in her and wishes to love her. 

Stephen and Amii communicated remotely, but the music was ultimately recorded at Amii’s home studio. Amii mixed it, and her brother (REMIEWORLD) mastered it.

Stephen wrote the guitar melody for “Carefully Yours” about ten years ago but couldn’t find the right melody to accompany it. He gave it to Amii to see if she could come up with something for it. Within 2 hours, she had sent him the first draft, and within weeks, they had a finished song. The duo are excited about their upcoming release.

For more information about Amii Dawes and her newly anticated single “Carefully Yours” coming December 2, 2022. Click on the links below.





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