Mia Delamar presents her new debut single – Silly


Mia Delamar, an Atlanta, Georgia, native, is a soulful-pop sensation with clear R&B roots. “Silly,” an edgy single wrapped in pop hooks and versatile counter melodies reminiscent of the early 2000s, features hard-hitting basslines riding underneath Mia’s free-flowing vocal. Mia’s vocal performance continues to demonstrate her raw talent since her single “Cool,” which has over 130k streams and counting. 

“Silly,” which continues Mia’s well-rounded and mature sound, is expected to soar even higher. Along with this single, the official music video for “Silly” arrives, an edgy and cool visual in which Mia pulls out all of the stops, showcasing her versatility with incredible dancing and performance skills, paying homage to an era long gone.

The 24-year-old singer has been singing since she was a child, and music is at the heart of who she is. Mia heard the beat, and the melody for the hook came to her right away while discussing how “Silly” came to be. All she could hear in her head was “Silly Me, Silly Me,” and eventually the rest of the song came out. It was truly one of those divine moments when her God-given talent was at its peak. It’s something she’ll never forget. 

Mia Delamar has a distinct sound of her own, influenced by Mary J. Blige, Ariana Grande, and Aaliyah, which is supported by her latest release, “Silly.” Her favorite parts of filming the music video were the shots of her dancing in front of her Jeep. She enjoys a good freestyle as a dancer. Her Jeep is also her pride and joy, and anyone who knows her knows that, so that was a genuine moment. They had so much fun, and the choreography was amazing, thanks to her good friend Jessica Christian, a super-talented Nashville choreographer.

“Silly” is a touching story about a young woman who duped herself by falling deeply in love with someone who wasn’t worth the effort. She apparently gave this person all of her love because she saw something worthwhile in him. She was, however, mistaken in coming to that conclusion. “Boy, I thought you were the one,” she later tells her ex-partner. You fooled me once, and you won’t fool me again. But for the time being, it’s “Silly me.” The song is basically about knowing oneself and not letting past relationships define you.

“You had me beat, but you’re not the guy you pretended to be.” I thought you were in love, but you were just fooling me. It’s no longer crazy, because it’s clear to me, clear to see, you should’ve been down for me. You should have been the one who stayed with me. I gave you all of my love, and it kills me that I was so delusional. It’s sickening, sickening, sickening. “Stupid me.” – Song lyrics

“Silly” is now available on all major streaming services and the visual is available on Youtube

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