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Mark Winters, a Texas-based rock singer-songwriter, is many things: a witty poet, a passionate musician, an entrepreneur, an optimist, a family man, and a genuine rocket scientist. He first picked up a guitar to play a song for his wife’s birthday, and that’s when he realized how much he enjoyed connecting with people through music. Mark’s signature sound, “rock with a positive vibe,” combines music, poetry, a science background, and a love for his community. 

His biggest influences include John Mayer, Tom Petty, and Jason Mraz. His music begins with poetry and creative inspiration, and he uses his “rocket scientist brain” to find structures that allow him to explore that initial burst of inspiration and feeling—like writing “Haikus,” which is his favorite! Mark performs solo, duo, and full-band shows such as “Mark Winters” and the “Jetliners.” Mark holds a degree in Aerospace, Aeronautical, and Astronautical Engineering, and his math and science background informs his musical explorations. He enjoys simplifying complex concepts, such as emotions. Balancing his right brain’s creativity with his analytical left brain will be a lifelong effort for him. Music is another avenue for him to pursue this equilibrium.

Photo Credit @Sierra Bartsch
Photo Credit @Sierra Bartsch

Since the release of his debut album “Slipstream” in 2019, he has received numerous positive reviews, been added to hundreds of playlists, and amassed over a million streams worldwide. His sophomore album, “Boundary Layer,” is set to build on his success. 

Mark’s scientific mind meets his passion for positivity and good works in Boundary Layer. This album is a tribute to those who have assisted Mark in breaking free from life’s “normal” boundaries and becoming the person he was meant to be. His goal with this new record is to inspire others to break down barriers in their lives and to use emotional connections and energy to move in the direction they were meant to go. 

A boundary layer is a point on an object in a moving fluid where things can either start moving or stop moving. He and his beloved wife have always had compassion for people around the world and believe that giving back to your community is important. Mark enjoys mentoring other entrepreneurs and volunteers extensively in the Houston area for charitable organizations.

It’s Christmas time, and Mark Winters has a new Noel song for us called “My Christmas,” which was released on November 9th, 2022. Given that Winter writes lovely and beautiful melodies, this song is so appealing and engaging that it will undoubtedly brighten your day and raise your mood. The song begins with jaggling jingle bells and a sweet lead guitar tune. With some astute guitar playing, Mark manages to channel the fine songwriting of John Mayer and Tom Petty. 

This is a cheerful, feel-good Christmas song about everything everyone enjoys about the holiday season. A reason and a season to change your mind. It is about cheerfully celebrating love with family and friends. All you need is a sweet, solid, but well-written love and celebration song, “My Christmas” by Mark Winters.

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