Anjalts Latest Release ‘Are U OK?’ – An Electrifying Sound Odyssey Sparking Connection And Resonance

Anjalts, the dynamic artist emerging from the vibrant music scene of New York, United States, is poised to leave an indelible mark on the world of music. With an unapologetic approach to songwriting, she challenges the conventional norms of contemporary music while forging a deep connection with her audience. Anjalts is not merely a singer but a multifaceted musician who deftly plays multiple instruments, arranges her own compositions, and writes songs that offer a wholly immersive musical experience.

Her music is characterized by ethereal tones and the presence of distant electric guitars that evoke the raw and unpredictable artistry reminiscent of rock’s mystique. Notably, Anjalts takes her art to the next level by having her work mastered at the iconic Abbey Road Studios in London, UK, a testament to her commitment to delivering music of the highest quality. She’s not one to rest on her laurels; Anjalts has set her sights on an ambitious goal of releasing two albums by the year’s end, along with additional music videos and an upcoming tour.

Anjalts’ impressive journey through the music landscape is marked by a whirlwind of creativity. After the release of her single “Walking to the Sun” in September and the expansive 15-song album project, “Air to Fire,” in February 2023, she has released a staggering total of nineteen singles, including her latest offering, “Are U OK”. This new track is the fifth addition to her much-anticipated second album, ‘Bluency,’ which promises to be a collection of alternative soundscape songs that boldly challenge conventional songwriting.


Are U OK,” released on October 13th, 2023, is a musical odyssey that transcends the tranquil norms of contemporary music. The track commences with a spectacular instrumental introduction that deserves particular attention. For a remarkable duration of 1 minute and 17 seconds, listeners are treated to a mesmerizing showcase of musicianship. This extended intro immerses us in a whirlwind of sound, with roaring rock guitars and a relentless drumbeat that grab your attention and refuse to let go.

What’s truly astounding is that this powerful sonic experience is crafted solely by the singular, divergent talent of Anjalts. The interplay between the scorching guitar riffs and the pounding drums provides an electrifying build-up, setting the stage for what is to come. It’s an embodiment of controlled chaos, a controlled explosion of sound that serves as a perfect prelude to the emotional journey that “Are U OK” offers.

Following this epic instrumental prelude, Anjalts’ alluring and melodious voice makes its entrance, creating a poignant contrast with the initial explosiveness. The lyric, “Are U OK, tell me what’s on your mind,” acts as an emotional lifeline, reaching out to listeners and inviting them to share their innermost thoughts and feelings. This song serves a dual purpose, encouraging listeners to express themselves and release pent-up emotions while also prompting them to reach out to those they care about.

The song’s brilliance lies in the repetition of this poignant message throughout. This repetition underscores the urgency and importance of expressing emotions and extending a helping hand to those we cherish. “Are U OK” is not just a song; it’s a heartfelt conversation, an invitation to engage in the shared human experience of introspection and empathy.

Anjalts’ remarkable juxtaposition of the initial instrumental intensity and her calm yet emotionally charged vocals mirrors her deep passion for music and her relentless pursuit of a more optimistic perspective in a world often overshadowed by heartbreak. Her dedication to her craft is palpable in every note, reflecting her belief that even in the direst of circumstances, we must not surrender or compromise the best parts of ourselves.

Throughout the song, the instrumental and vocal performance maintains an unrelenting, finely-tuned energy level. This careful balance enhances the emotional journey conveyed through the lyrics. The instrumentals seamlessly complement Anjalts’ smooth and calming vocals, creating a listening experience that is nothing short of enchanting.

In a world oversaturated with music, Anjalts’ “Are U OK” stands as a beacon of authenticity and a fervent call for self-reflection and connection. It is a song that beckons us to be both vulnerable and compassionate, to embrace our own emotions and to reach out to those who share this tumultuous journey of life. “Are U OK” is more than just a song; it’s a powerful message, an electrifying sound, and a testament to the boundless potential of music to touch the human heart and soul. This is more than music; this is a resonating experience. Don’t miss out; go check out this song and let it take you on a profound journey of introspection and connection!

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