A/V CLvB, a dynamic alternative emo band hailing from Plymouth, Massachusetts, emerged onto the music scene as a testament to the power of collaboration and evolution. The band, comprised of four talented members, found its roots in the creative partnership of Avery Gordon and Braeden Van Muir.

Initially, A/V CLvB started as a musical duo featuring Avery as the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist, with Braeden taking on bass duties. Their sound leaned towards the lighter, indie spectrum during those formative years. However, a significant shift occurred when two members left the band, reshaping its dynamics.

Avery and Braeden’s musical partnership intensified, leading to the evolution of a noisier and heavier sound that characterizes A/V CLvB today. During a Halloween party, Avery reconnected with an old friend, Noah, who joined the band as the bassist. The trio’s journey towards its current musical identity took a decisive turn when they discovered Cameron, completing the lineup as the drummer.

A/V CLvB’s sound is a reflection of their diverse musical backgrounds. Avery began with bedroom dream pop, producing the band’s debut single, “Feels Like Yesterday,” while Braeden’s influences gravitated towards grunge and heavier styles. With the addition of Noah and Cameron, their genre-blending sound found its foundation in alternative rock, drawing inspiration from emo, shoegaze, and grunge. This melting pot of influences has created a unique and captivating musical experience.

The band’s commitment to their craft extends beyond their music. A/V CLvB is known for engaging with their audience in innovative ways, such as distributing quirky gifts like sourdough bread bowls, custom puff-painted shirts, and even memorable tokens like Braeden’s hair, solidifying a strong bond with their fanbase.

Looking forward, A/V CLvB has ambitious plans, including recording and releasing a series of singles in the coming months, as well as regional performances in New England. They are also setting their sights on creating a full-length LP, signaling their eagerness to explore new musical horizons.

A/V CLvB’s latest EP, “Dumbwaiters to Die For,” is a multifaceted musical journey that demonstrates the band’s exceptional versatility and artistic depth. Released on October 13th, 2023, this EP is a testament to the group’s ability to weave together diverse influences into a cohesive and captivating sonic experience.


The EP’s cover art, a collaborative endeavor with Sophie and Sofie, immediately draws you into the band’s creative world. The intricately crafted cardboard house, set against a moss-covered ground, serves as an imaginative representation of the EP’s themes. It reflects the band’s commitment to visual storytelling and adds an extra layer of intrigue to the music.

Dumbwaiters to Die For” comprises a collection of tracks, each with its own distinct identity and thematic content. The EP touches on themes of isolation and personal growth, resonating with listeners who appreciate introspective and emotionally charged lyrics. Each song takes you on a unique emotional journey, making the EP a well-rounded and relatable experience.

Dumbwaiters to Die For” EP Track List:

Tell Me I’m Still Alive!:
“Tell Me I’m Still Alive!”
opens A/V CLvB’s EP “Dumbwaiters to Die For” with an enthralling introduction that sets the tone for the entire musical journey. Over the course of a year, this song, originally titled “Down the Drain,” underwent significant changes, from melody tweaks to lyric alterations, while maintaining a consistent underlying chord progression that offers a sense of continuity.
The lyrics of “Tell Me I’m Still Alive!” delve into complex emotions, vividly portraying the profound feeling of isolation, even amidst comfort. The recurring lyric, “I think I might die alone,” serves as a poignant reminder of this pervasive sense of loneliness. The song commences with a slow, haunting melody that gradually transforms into an energetic and heavy instrumental rhythm, creating a dynamic soundscape that keeps the listener deeply engaged.
Throughout the song, there’s a continuous shift between the heavy instrumentals and the slower, profound melody. This mirrors the emotional journey depicted in the lyrics, oscillating between moments of introspection and bursts of intense energy. The vocals add to this emotional depth, transitioning from profoundly energetic to slower yet equally profound tones. “Tell Me I’m Still Alive!” concludes with a compelling instrumental performance, showcasing the band’s artistry and their capacity to craft an intense and emotionally resonant sonic experience. In summary, this song skillfully encapsulates the theme of isolation and personal struggle, promising an emotional and musical rollercoaster within the EP.

Cellar Door:
“Cellar Door,”
a track featured on A/V CLvB’s EP “Dumbwaiters to Die For,” is a testament to the band’s creative prowess and their ability to craft compelling music. This song came together relatively quickly, with most of the lyrics and the rhythm guitar part written in just a few days, highlighting the band’s ability to channel inspiration into a rapid and cohesive musical composition.
The lyrics of “Cellar Door” are deeply personal, drawing inspiration from an old best friend who underwent a negative transformation. Avery’s introspective exploration of where this friend might end up infuses the track with emotional depth. The instrumentals are a dynamic force in this song, transitioning seamlessly from a calm range to energetic bursts, gradually building up the energy as the vocals soar. The song climaxes with an energetic and ethereal instrumental performance that lasts for over a minute, leaving a lasting impact on the listener and effectively concluding the track.
In summary, “Cellar Door” is a testament to A/V CLvB’s ability to create music that is both emotionally charged and energetically captivating. It showcases their talent for transforming personal experiences into evocative lyrics and dynamic instrumentals, resulting in a track that leaves a lasting impression. This song stands as a vibrant and compelling addition to the EP, contributing to the overall richness and diversity of “Dumbwaiters to Die For”.

I Know You Want My Life:
Closing out the EP “Dumbwaiters to Die For,” “I Know You Want My Life” holds a special place in A/V CLvB’s collective heart and provides a fitting conclusion to this musical journey. It’s a song that is deeply significant for the band, as it was the first composition to truly encapsulate the essence of A/V CLvB. This track vividly demonstrates the amalgamation of various musical styles that influence their sound, representing a signature blend that defines their unique identity.
“I Know You Want My Life” is not merely a studio creation; it has consistently been part of the band’s live performances, often serving as the closing number. This highlights its enduring appeal and its role in leaving a profound and lasting impression on their audience. Lyrically, the song delves into the complex theme of investing oneself fully into a relationship, whether platonic or otherwise, and receiving no reciprocation. The lyrics intricately explore the dynamics of manipulation within relationships, leading to a point where one almost attempts to rationalize the toxicity of the other person.
This emotional depth resonates throughout the instrumentals and vocals, with fluctuations in energy that skillfully mirror the ups and downs of the relationship’s narrative. As the closing track, “I Know You Want My Life” leaves an enduring impact, serving as a poignant culmination of A/V CLvB’s exploration of musical diversity and emotional depth throughout the EP. In summary, “I Know You Want My Life” is a testament to A/V CLvB’s exceptional ability to craft music that captivates not only with its sounds but also through the intricate emotions and stories it conveys. This track firmly cements the band’s artistic identity and leaves a lasting impression on the listener, making it a memorable conclusion to “Dumbwaiters to Die For”.

The instrumentals throughout the EP are nothing short of mesmerizing. A/V CLvB’s ability to seamlessly transition between energetic and more subdued moments showcases their musical prowess. The band’s strong collaboration and cohesion are evident as they play their instruments in unison, creating a magical synergy that brings each track to life. Whether it’s the raw power of grunge-inspired guitar riffs or the dreamy soundscapes of shoegaze, the band’s instrumentals are a standout feature of this EP.

The EP’s vocal performances are equally impressive. A/V CLvB effortlessly shifts between energetic, impassioned vocals and softer, introspective moments. This dynamic range adds depth to the overall emotional landscape of the EP. The vocals and instrumentals harmonize beautifully, creating a balanced and engaging listening experience where no element overpowers the other.


The EP is a testament to A/V CLvB’s remarkable musical evolution. The band’s journey, starting from lighter indie influences to their current alternative emo and shoegaze sound, is mirrored in the EP’s tracks. This evolution is not only fascinating but also serves as a testament to the band’s commitment to artistic growth and exploration.

In summary, “Dumbwaiters to Die For” by A/V CLvB is an EP that warrants repeated listening, as it reveals its layers of depth and complexity over time. It’s an engaging and profound musical experience that demonstrates the band’s love for crafting music that resonates with its audience. If you’re looking for an EP that pushes the boundaries of genre and delivers a captivating sonic journey, this is a must-listen. Don’t miss out on this exceptional offering from A/V CLvB.

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