1st Verse
At Last as the lights go down
At last the biggest film around
At last the cinematic tale
of how the human race can fail
with so many thought provoking scenes
all from nightmares none from dreams

You waded in and saved me
took my hand and held my baby
we were going down we were going to drown
she was laughing and crying
thought that they’d all be dying

2nd. Verse
Now at last I’m starting to cry
At last but I’m wondering why
Is it at last I’m starting to see
one day that they could be me
A simple choice for all of mankind
why is it so hard to decide

Can anybody hear them, crying out for freedom
we need some one to save us all our brothers an neighbours
as the bombs keep dropping can there be no stopping

Middle 8
And so they go marching on
nowhere can they say they belong no freedom, can anybody hear them
now with every step that they tread
they hope there’s a welcome ahead


If we can all live together as one
then the battle to win would be won
What is mine is yours we can share
can I feel is love in the air at last
At last, at last, at last, at last.

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