Since its inception in 2015, Bearbonez, the creation of songwriter and producer Kyle Hilmoe from California, has been embarking on an enchanting musical adventure. Switching from drums to guitar, Kyle has demonstrated an impressive adaptability, putting out a variety of music ranging from heavy rock to 80s-style synth rock. Bearbonez admires artists like David Bowie and Beck, embracing the art of diverse sounds and genres to create music that evokes strong emotional connections. After releasing his EP “Display of Love” in 2020, Bearbonez comes back with a track that captures the raw sci-fi essence of the Dune book series and the legendary David Bowie album “Blackstar”.

Bearbonez dropped this song “Crysknife” on March 4th, 2022, adding yet another important piece to Kyle Hilmoe’s varied music collection. This song shows Bearbonez’s growth as a musician, taking inspiration from the intricate storytelling of the Dune books and the innovative music of David Bowie’s “Blackstar”. With every new release, Bearbonez keeps pushing the limits and discovering different sonic terrains, captivating the interest of fans who value complexity, originality, and emotional depth in music.


The initial moments of “Crysknife” are captivating and moody, establishing the backdrop for the story to develop. The distant rhythm starting the song resembles a subtle reverberation from a different realm, immediately captivating listeners in its mysterious realm. This initial distant sound acts as a smart opener, building anticipation and curiosity that immediately grabs the listener’s attention. It is a skilled method to set the mood of the song and get the audience ready for the upcoming exceptional musical experience.

Bearbonez’s exceptional vocal performance is one of the highlights of “Crysknife”. From start to finish, Bearbonez’s gentle and captivating tone remains consistently authentic and emotional. His voice smoothly moves along the melody, generating a feeling of peace and charm that cannot be overlooked. The singing style perfectly matches the story and musical structure of the song, improving its overall effect and creating a truly unforgettable listening opportunity.

In terms of lyrics, “Crysknife” is an exceptional piece that explores the tragic viewpoint of God Emperor Leto II from the Dune series. The song vividly depicts Leto II’s metamorphosis and the weight of his understanding of humanity’s history and destiny. Every line is carefully constructed, enhancing the narrative with additional meaning and complexity. The repeated mention of “Shai Hulud” in the lyrics, symbolically represents the ancient sandworms of Dune, connoting power, mystery, and providing additional depth and intricacy to the song’s storyline.

Musically, “Crysknife” is a skillfully crafted piece that achieves an ideal mix of rhythm and melody. The steady drumming creates a strong rhythm that grounds the song, as the gentle melody moves in and out, bringing depth and intricacy to the music. The arrangement of instruments is well put together, with each element contributing to the emotional and narrative aspects of the song. The music arrangement progresses elegantly, enabling the song to develop naturally and engage the listener throughout.

The impact of David Bowie’s album “Blackstar” can be clearly felt in “Crysknife,” especially in its atmospheric sound and artistic aspirations. Similar to “Blackstar,” this track possesses an enduring essence that goes beyond specific music genres, making it challenging to label yet simple to enjoy. The quality of production is excellent, allowing each instrument and vocal track to be heard clearly and stand out. The outcome is a deep and engaging auditory encounter that respects Bowie’s heritage while establishing its own distinct personality.

The emotional impact of “Crysknife” is greatly enhanced by its engaging story and sincere vocal performance. The themes of change, giving up something important, and thinking about the meaning of life in the song are common to many people, so it can be understood by a variety of listeners. If you like the Dune series, David Bowie, or groundbreaking rock music, you’ll find something in “Crysknife” that resonates with you. It is a song that prompts self-reflection and encourages listeners to completely embrace its soft charm, leaving a lasting impression that remains even after the last sound has faded away.

To sum up, “Crysknife” is an impressive track that highlights Bearbonez’s development as an artist and his imaginative outlook. The song provides a musical experience that is engaging and emotionally rewarding. Thanks to its atmospheric production, exceptional vocal performance, and thought-provoking lyricism. Bearbonez continues to amaze with his skill in creating music that is both original and impactful, making “Crysknife” a must-listen for fans of thoughtful and well-crafted rock music. Make sure you don’t overlook this mesmerizing song, you should definitely go check it out!.

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