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Delaware Tea Company Photo Credit: Sara Schlosser

A band that personifies the spirit of innovative and exploratory music is Delaware Tea Company. The band, which consists of Dajon Wiseman on drums, Sergio Romero on lead guitar, Nate Young on bass, and Austin Sharpe on lead singer, rhythm guitar, and saxophone, formed at the University of Delaware. After graduation, when they all happened to come to Baltimore, they decided to establish the band because of their mutual love of music and strong relationship.

Numerous artists, such as Led Zeppelin, Steely Dan, Khruangbin, Stevie Wonder, Eagles, and Foo Fighters, have impacted their music. Their sound skillfully blends jazz, indie, rock, and soul elements, showcasing a diverse range of genres. Sergio’s intricate and moving guitar solos, Dajon’s powerful and dynamic drumming, Nate’s grounded bass lines, Austin’s versatile abilities, and each member of the group’s unique talents and areas of expertise provide something unique to the mix.

Since founding, Delaware Tea Company has established itself as a mainstay of the Baltimore music scene, appearing at prestigious locations including Zen West, Ottobar, Metro Gallery, and The Crown. They have performed at The Fire, Kung Fu Necktie, Songbyrd, The Delancey, and Brooklyn Music Kitchen in addition to other notable locations like Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., and New York City. Their influence has spread beyond Baltimore. Thanks to their thrilling live performances, they have a dedicated fan following that has helped them advance in the music industry.

Delaware Tea
Credit: Sara Schlosser

The newest song by Delaware Tea Company, a group renowned for stretching the bounds of genre and sound, is titled “Army of One” and was released on June 14th, 2024. Their inventiveness and skill as musicians are evident in this catchy, sax-heavy indie rock hit. “Army of One” is a song that inspires strong feelings of self-improvement and the desire for a better life through its straightforward yet captivating lyrics.

In the song, listeners are encouraged to build their own “Army Of One,” setting out on a quest for introspection and developing personally. It’s an incitement to action that encourages self-actualization and the courage to make changes in one’s own life as well as the lives of those around them. Delaware Tea Company’s creativity and commitment to creating music that resonates strongly with listeners are evident in this piece. They have poured their entire being into it.

I’ve never heard a sax-infused rock masterpiece in my entire life, but Delaware Tea Company showed me one with “Army Of One.” The experience was nothing short of extraordinary. This song is a beautiful blend of musical genres, offering something new and refreshing to the rock scene. The band’s approach to this track was exceptional, merging the unexpected with the familiar, and the result was pure perfection. From the first note, they shattered the limits of traditional rock music, introducing me to the untested waters of musical innovation and creativity.

Imagine this: after the opening drum notes of a rock song, the next sound that graces your ears is the silky, celestial, and crisp sound of a saxophone. I was taken aback, as it’s something so unconventional yet majestic. The opening drum rolls set a powerful foundation, but the saxophone added a layer of blissful energy and intensity. The combination of the saxophone’s rich, buzzy sounds, the mellow vibrance of the drum beat, the shaky movements of the percussions, and the heavy depths of the bass created a sax-infused rock reverie. The rhythm was upbeat, with a mid-to-fast tempo that was evolving, energetic, and groovy, making it catchy and infectious from the get-go.

At the 0:15 timestamp, the song took on its first transformation, shifting into a more subtle rhythmic flow. The saxophone was stripped away, making room for the majestic allure of the rhythm guitar. This transition was executed flawlessly, showcasing the band’s ability to blend different musical elements seamlessly. It was at this moment that I first heard the lead singer’s voice. Gentle, mellow, and serene, yet filled with passion and emotion, his vocals were powerful and profound, carrying the lyrics with precision and grace. The song’s narrative began to unfold, drawing me in with every word.

As the song progressed, the saxophone returned at the 0:47 timestamp, infusing the track with a unique aura of grace and groove. This interplay between the rhythm guitar and the saxophone gave the song a distinctive feel, offering a taste of different soundscapes and enhancing the overall elegance. The song moved effortlessly from a subtle energy to a more intense and crisp energetic feel, all while maintaining its groove and essence. This dynamic progression kept me engaged, eagerly anticipating each new transition.

Between the 1:33 and 2:02 timestamp, the guitar riffs were nothing short of phenomenal. They drew intense patterns and mind-bending riffs, adding another dimension to the song’s entire feel. These riffs were ecstatic and filled with raw energy, elevating the track to new heights. It was a testament to Sergio Romero’s skill and creativity as a lead guitarist. The interplay between the instruments during this section was masterful, creating a rich, layered sound that was both complex and accessible.

Delaware  Tea
Credit: Sara Schlosser

The saxophone licks and patterns between the 2:04 and 2:33 timestamp were another highlight of the song. There was a melodic insanity behind those saxophone riffs that I found utterly captivating. The rock essence was palpable, blending seamlessly with the jazz influences. This section showcased Austin Sharpe’s versatility as a musician, his saxophone playing adding a unique texture to the song. It was a brilliant fusion of genres that felt both innovative and natural.

The major magic happened at the 2:35 timestamp, with a single modulation into a higher octave. The saxophone led the charge, holding the drum beat as a close companion. This modulation was a moment of pure musical brilliance, creating a sense of elevation and climax within the song. The intensity and passion reached their peak, leaving me in awe of the band’s creativity and technical skill. This section was a true testament to their ability to push the boundaries of rock music.

Overall, “Army Of One” is a true masterpiece, a unique song that stands out in today’s music landscape. Delaware Tea Company has crafted a track that is both innovative and deeply moving, pushing the limits of genre and sound. Because of its potent message of introspection and human growth, the song is a once-in-a-generational work of art. I can’t wait to hear more from this band—their single highlights their incredible talent and commitment to their profession. “Army Of One” is an incredible accomplishment and a song that will surely enthrall and motivate its audience.

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