Brendan Lane’s song “One Life” exhorts listeners to overcome inherited traumas and choose their own paths in life while also admitting the difficulties that may be encountered. It serves as a reminder that we only have one life to live, thus it is up to us to choose how we want to live it.

Brendan Lane is an artist with a pure passion for music. Born into a family full of musicians, he had a major attraction toward music from a very early age. With a jazz musician father in the picture and surrounded by records as a child, he discovered rock ‘n’ roll at the age of eight, and that became the turning point. His life had a singular pursuit and purpose. That purpose has led Lane around the world, performing on three different continents with various performers, which has deepened his understanding of what it means to be a performer. Irrespective of where or with whom he performs with, Lane strives to communicate his passion for music with the audience. 

Most recently, Lane completed an east coast tour with his band, Brendan Lane and the Sugar Packets, trekking from Massachusetts to Texas and reaching new audiences. Sharing his music with new audiences only reinforced Lane’s desire to play music as much as possible. As an exceptional singer, songwriter, and musician, his music is defined as a classic folk or country style. Being the master of lyrics writing, his lyrics can send a wave of various emotions that one can find relatable. Brendan Lane is also a touring artist; having toured three different continents, he has a strong way of communicating his passion for music with his audiences. Major influences on his music are Jack Johnson, Cat Stevens, and John Denver. “They are the songwriting masters for me,” says the artist, and he aims to honor their craft. Jack Johnson was a big influence on my playing and songwriting style, as well as classic rock and blues artists like the Bratles, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughn and John Mayer. Bruce Springsteen is a songwriter the artist admires wholeheartedly. 

Cassandra Latyak (@latyaklens)
Cassandra Latyak (@latyaklens)

The songwriter has announced the release of his sixth studio single, “One Life.” This upbeat blend of hip-hop and blues rock encourages the audience to rise above the inherited traumas of our predecessors and reminds them not to listen to the noise of the doubters in the world. The song was written by Brendan Lane, and produced by Chris Jennings, and it featured Delaware rapper Quesmark. “One Life” will be released on February 24, 2023, and will be accompanied by a video that will be released one week after the song goes live on all digital streaming platforms. The funky and energetic song reassures the audience to follow their own path in life while also considering how challenging it can be when some traumas and internal struggles are passed down from one generation to the next. Brendan explains that the initial seed of the song came to him after a show in the summer of 2022, while crashing at a friend’s house during a midnight beer hangout. He had his guitar out and started playing the main riff of the verses before he realized he was forming his new song. The themes of love, loss, and life-changing adventures dominate this talented artist’s growing collection. “Grand Prize,” released in June 2022 and produced by Charles Jennings of Stardust Productions and mixed by Tyler Bean of Slow Pineapple, is to be followed by the original single “One Life” (featuring Quesmark).

Cassandra Latyak (@latyaklens)
Cassandra Latyak (@latyaklens)

Since 2013, Brendan Lane has been entertaining spectators and fans across the globe with his high-energy guitar riff and rollicking harmonious interludes. The USA based talented songwriter and singer plans to continue releasing new music through out the year 2023 and is the brand ambassador for the save our stages campaign that supports independent events venue that is at risk of for closure due to the prevalent nationwide pandemic. 

Having performed over 1,000 shows to date and reaching different audiences on different continents as a solo performer with his band The Sugar PacketsLane is exhibiting his original songs and other fan favorites as part of a summerlong East Coast tour. The songwriter is debuting live for the first time on April 29th and reminds us that we only live once and that we’ve got one life, so it’s up to us to decide whether to waste it. One Life is available on multiple streaming platforms.

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