“Combining vibrant electronic rhythms with infectious pop-rock influences, Brian Strand’s “Not Good Enough” addresses his personal battle with self-doubt and the yearning to overcome external judgments. The song’s dynamic composition and introspective lyrics resonate as a powerful anthem of empowerment, inviting listeners to reflect on their own journey towards confidence and resilience.”

Brian Strand is a multifaceted artist who has left an indelible mark on the music scene. In his current role as a solo artist, songwriter, musician, and recording engineer, Strand’s musical prowess spans across diverse genres, including pop, alternative, electronic, and folk, all embellished with a touch of cinematic brilliance.

One of his standout achievements includes a captivating acoustic cover of The Cinematic Orchestra’s “To Build a Home,” which has resonated with audiences, amassing an impressive 30,000 plays across various streaming platforms.

Influenced by a range of distinguished artists, including Elliott Smith, Jonah Matranga of Far, Enya, Mark Foster of Foster the People, and Billie Eilish, Brian Strand’s approach to music is a fusion of innovation and homage. His clever harmonies and layered vocals exhibit an artistry that reflects his deep respect for his inspirations.

“Not Good Enough” by Brian Strand, released as the third single from his debut solo album on June 16th 2023 is a compelling blend of alt/pop-rock and electronic rhythms. This fun and upbeat track holds a deeper meaning, exploring themes of self-confidence and insecurity.

The lyrics of “Not Good Enough” delve into the inner turmoil that many individuals, especially artists, grapple with the constant battle against feelings of disappointment and unworthiness. The words capture the struggle of caring about people’s opinions and the desire to break free from the suffocating weight of those perceptions. The chorus, with the line “I’m sick of thinking I’m not good enough,” represents a pivotal moment of self-recognition and resolve to overcome these sentiments.

The song’s melody, characterized by its energetic electronic rhythms and pop-rock influences, mirrors the emotional rollercoaster conveyed by the lyrics. The catchy hook and dynamic musical arrangement add layers to the song’s narrative, creating a synergy between the sound and the emotions being portrayed.

Brian Strand’s decision to openly acknowledge these insecurities in his music signifies a significant step towards self-empowerment and growth. By expressing these thoughts out loud, he’s initiating a dialogue that many can relate to. The lyrics “I care about what people say, wish I didn’t feel this way” offer a poignant insight into the vulnerability that comes with seeking external validation.

The title “Not Good Enough” encapsulates the pervasive doubts and uncertainties that often plague creative minds. However, the song isn’t a surrender to these feelings; rather, it’s a declaration of readiness to confront and triumph over them. Brian’s determination to cease listening to negative voices is a proclamation of his intent to rise above the constraints of self-doubt.

In essence, “Not Good Enough” serves as both a personal narrative and a universal anthem of resilience. Brian Strand’s openness in sharing his internal struggles, set against the backdrop of infectious rhythms and evocative melodies, creates a compelling listening journey. The song invites listeners to reflect on their own battles with self-confidence while providing a rallying cry to conquer those challenges.

So don’t hesitate any longer, press play on “Not Good Enough” and allow its melodies to guide you towards self-acceptance. Let the music be your companion as you navigate the landscape of your own insecurities, emerging on the other side with newfound strength and a heightened sense of resilience. This song is your invitation to embark on a powerful journey of introspection and triumph, and it’s waiting for you on your favorite music platform.

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