“Merryman” by Bomsen is a song that encourages listeners to embrace their true selves and find joy in life. The song is characterized by its strong energy, melodic tunes, and excellent production. It inspires listeners to let their inner “Merryman” shine. 

Richard and Karlo Bromsen were on the verge of “making it big” after performing together in a band during the middle of the 2000s, but the band disbanded in 2006. They were performing in almost every indie-rock venue in Berlin at the time when the band decided to disband. Just over a decade later, in 2021, Richard and Karlo Bromsen resume their love of music as a duo under the moniker “Bromsen.” Despite the band members’ experience, Bromsen has only been around for a year, but despite this, they have already received airplay in North America and have been featured on blogs from around the world, reaching audiences outside of Germany.

Bromsen describes themselves as a “Berlin-based indietronica duo” after finding the dividing line between synthwave and indie rock. Their first single, “Merryman,” which was released on October 14, 2022, demonstrates their passion for “rock through electronica.” The boys add a nostalgic undertone to their modern synth-based song by fusing powerful beats with an 80s-inspired synth pop sound. Interestingly, the anthemic single “Merryman” has a cinematic calm to it despite taking you on a sonic rollercoaster with its electronic ups and downs. In other words, “Merryman” makes you want to dance and tap your toes while also letting you relax and take in the harmonies.

In “Merryman,” interesting beats and melodic tunes bring forth a strong, pompous energy. Overall, the song does a pretty good job when it comes to sounds, and you never feel underwhelmed. All of this points to the importance of excellent production, which can make or break a song. Due to “Merryman‘s” pleasing sonic qualities, it is obvious that one would not prefer this song in any other way. You would enjoy listening to this song a lot even if the retro synth isn’t your thing because of its overall charming energy and strong chorus. You experience a cathartic sense of joy every time you reach the chorus, which gives you the impression that this is most definitely not the last time you’ll hear this song.

The song, according to the band, began as more indie rock and later changed to a more modern synthwave production, which we felt complemented the mood and tone of the track perfectly. Even the most casual listener can be drawn in by the post-punk extravaganza that the beat’s electro elements and lush synth melodies convey. This is not done easily and is in large part because of the vocal work, which brings out the track’s full potential and makes it deserving of playing in the most well-known indie and alternative nightclubs. The message of the song “Merryman” is to be true to yourself and let your inner Merryman shine through so he can help you enjoy life in these crazy times.

I can easily imagine “Merryman” being played at concerts or at sold-out live performances, but it still possesses a seductive intimacy that people would desire in their homes. Bromsen’s impressive guitar solo, which shows off the band’s raw rock side and is something any indie-rock band would be proud of, deserves special mention. I can’t wait to hear more from this talented duo; their music is strong, full-bodied, and rich.

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