Carl Liungman Releases His 13 tracklist Classical Album “SHINE”

“SHINE” a stunning 13 tracklists original piano composition album by Carl Liungman is an album that reads like a book and breaths like a lover

Carl Liungman is a Neoclassical pianist and composer based in Southern Sweden. Over the years, he has created a musical universe based on improvisation and his own emotive expressionistic music style, which combines gentle melodies with rhythmic tension. Jazz music, modern Film music scores, Pop music, and Neoromanticism are all influences on Carl Liungman. He is also influenced by Neoclassicism and modern minimalism. He enjoys juxtaposing the simple, harmonic structures of music from the 18th and 19th centuries with jazz, pop, and intricate modern music structures.

Carl Liungman noticed a certain talent for songwriting, composing, and improvising on the piano in his early years. Additionally, he discovered his own style of playing, and as a result, he has since created his own distinctive piano music and technique. Arvo Pärt, John Legend, Max Richter, Coldplay, Hans Zimmer, and Keith Jarrett are a few of his musical influences. Carl Liungman has composed chamber music as well as pop music for poetry, short films, theater productions, and art installations. Along with other poets and singers, he has also created jazz poetry, improvising piano music during poetry slams and other events. Carl Liungman was employed as a bar pianist in Sweden for a number of years when he was younger.

Gabriel Flores Jair, Sweden
Gabriel Flores Jair, Sweden

The second solo piano album “Shine” by Carl Liungman was digitally released on November 25, 2022. In comparison to the previous “BORN” solo piano album, which was released in 2020, “Shine” features 13 original piano compositions that are even more private and intimate. Carl Liungman wants to use his music to convey existential ideas and inspire introspection in the listener. In Carl Liungman‘s home in the countryside of Southern Sweden, “Shine” was recorded using an upright Schimmel piano in a more low-fi setting. Jens Andersson was responsible for sound engineering and mastering.

The instrumental album “Shine” by Carl Liungman is of epic proportions. Some would argue that not in sound, but unquestionably in emotion. You might imagine horns, drums, strings, and other instruments when someone says to you, “Instrumental album.” They clash and roar together to give a performance that plumb depths beyond what words can express. And you’d be right to believe that, given the range of emotions that sound can elicit and convey to us through its medium. Carl Liungman, however, is present to demonstrate that you do not require horns, drums, or woodwinds. A single piano can perform with just as much intention as the entire collection combined. In spite of the fact that “Shine” is an album, it reads like a book, breathes like a lover, and cries like a baby. It is pure and all-pervasive. It touches on feelings that we all experience and is the epitome of a simple, happy life.

“Shine” tracklist:

1. Shine

2. Being

3. Essence

4. Faith

5. Alive

6. Dream

7. Flowing

8. Levitate

9. Lullaby

10. Salvage

11. Unfold

12. Rare

13. Away

It takes courage to listen to this album and reach out. I imagine many people would laugh that off, but they aren’t really paying attention. In “Shine,” there are songs that challenge, delve into, and comprehend you. As with many piano albums, it’s not all doom and gloom. The album’s opening track, “Shine,” features a melodic and exquisitely played piano. The use of space in the playing widens the audible range and engages the listener.

Songs with a hopeful vibe include “Flowing.” As the song progresses, it rushes through you, accelerating the tempo and drone. That quiet smile to yourself strikes you differently than a cymbal crash or a harmonious cry, but it is there. the assurance that everything will work out just fine. Everybody is simply flowing. Another song on the album, “Salvage,” aims to do more than just make you cry; in my opinion, it sounds like a song about looking back. Reminiscing about the past while observing your reflection to gauge your progress. Whether you are looking in the mirror or at another person, Carl Liungman is urging them forward and along the path, they want to take. It is a gesture that would mean so much to all of us and is more meaningful than any words could ever express.

Furthermore, “Rare” is for those uncommon days. Whether everything went well or everything failed. Everybody has experienced days when we just need a moment to sit, to relive it while gazing at the wall, the best and the worst days of our lives. We frequently have the same final response to both. All we do is relive them. For us, “Rare” achieves this. It focuses on the wall, replays it, and, like us, laughs at the good things while running from the bad. It is a friend and a helper. On the other hand, “Dream” steers the album in a new direction; it is filled with resonant melodies and a compelling vibe.

 The last track on “Shine” is “Away.” The playing on this entire album by Carl Liungman is exquisite, individual, sincere, and emotive. It’s finger music not notes on a page. The melodies sing, exhale, and continue. The tempo can be constant, but when the situation demands it, it rushes or drags. Together, these songs discuss life and all that it entails. If “Shine” resonates with you, you are not the only one. If it makes you think of times you’d rather not, take this time to think about them. You are surrounded by the sounds of people, encouraged by their songs, and comforted by their warmth.

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