Charles Moret

From the bustling metropolis of Los Angeles, Charles Moret shines as a versatile singer-songwriter who excels at conveying stories through his music. Having a strong foundation in music composition and ten years of experience playing the piano, Charles has developed his abilities in crafting enchanting melodies and complex sound environments that deeply connect with his listeners. Charles does more than just music; he seeks to create a complex tapestry of emotions and experiences using different art forms, such as storytelling and visuals. After the success of “Don’t Blame Me,” with 180k streams and 60k listeners, there has been growing excitement for his upcoming music release. The long wait is finally over as Charles Moret reveals his newest creation, “Dreammaker”.

Charles Moret

Unveiled on March 1st, 2024, “Dreammaker” is more than just a musical collection; it serves as a voyage into Charles Moret’s universe, encompassing various aspects of life such as happiness, sadness, and everything in between, showcased in eight captivating songs. Every track on this album showcases Charles’s excellent talent, seamlessly combining mesmerizing vocals with detailed musical arrangements to produce a soul-stirring and unforgettable musical journey. Charles demonstrates his ability to adapt as an artist, effortlessly moving between different genres while still creating a unified sound across the entire album. His talent for storytelling is evident in each lyric, creating rich images and stirring deep feelings in the audience.

Dreammaker Album Track List:

Being the first song on the album, “Dreammaker” immediately establishes a strong and moving atmosphere. The song starts with a verbal introduction, in which a male voice speaks the eerie sentence, “There was a time I was washed in time”. This statement acts as an engaging introduction, capturing the attention of listeners and immersing them into the story of the song. After the spoken words diminish, a rhythmic drumbeat comes in, providing the base for the track’s wide-ranging sound. The drum rhythms quickly transition into otherworldly synth sounds that immerse the listener in a tranquil and surreal musical environment. Even with the intricate structure of the song, the drumbeat remains constant, giving a stable rhythm that propels the music.
At 27 seconds into the track, a vocal compilation adds an interesting element. These vocals, harmonizing with great force, function as a distinct tool in the arrangement. The combination of voices enhances the song with layering and richness, resulting in an enthralling ambiance that holds the audience’s attention. While the track moves forward, the vocal compilation remains a key component, growing and adjusting to the shifting rhythms and melodies.
At approximately 2:16 minutes into the song “Dreammaker,” there is another change where the music briefly fades out to allow for a delicate, dreamlike melody to come through. This part of the song includes a voice that appears lifeless and lacking in emotions, giving an eerie feel to the track. This adds to the complexity of the music. “Dreammaker” keeps listeners captivated with its ever-changing rhythm and flow, making sure they stay engaged through its almost five-minute duration, providing a musical experience that is both unpredictable and captivating.

stands out as a poignant and emotionally charged song on the album, grabbing the audience’s interest right away with its heartfelt singing and touching music. The melody at the beginning of the song is gentle and smooth, creating a contemplative mood from the outset. This gentle musical background provides the ideal setting for the vocals to come in, enhancing the emotional charm of the song even more. The singer’s voice, filled with obvious feelings, delivers the lyrics with an authentic honesty that deeply connects with all who hear it. The vulnerability showcased within the vocal performance enhances the authenticity of the tune, giving it a feeling of a sincere expression of the singer’s deepest emotions.
The lyrics of “Scissors” explore the intricacies of a previous relationship that stays on the singer’s mind even though it has ended. The singer deals with remorse, pain, and longing inside the lyrics, depicting the emotional aftermath of the breakup vividly. Lines like “I just can’t keep getting older without saying what I should’ve told her” and “And all these thoughts like broken pieces” emphasize the singer grappling with the idea of getting older without having expressed their true feelings to their former partner. These emotional lyrics provide insight into the singer’s personal thoughts, showcasing their difficulty in moving forward and their lingering memories of the previous relationship.
Symbolism is essential in “Scissors,” where words and touch causing pain “like scissors do” represent the emotional hurt from memories and actions of the former partner. This visual element enhances the song, enabling listeners to analyze the lyrics more profoundly and resonate with the artist’s emotional experience. In general, “Scissors” stands out as a sincere contemplation of the challenges of moving on and the emotional wounds that remain following the conclusion of a relationship.

is a dazzling standout in the album, capturing the true essence of music. The music without delay draws in listeners with its captivating ambiance, demonstrating the profound connection music can create with its audience. The track starts off with a charming melody that straight away catches the listener’s attention. This fascinating creation sets the stage for the vocalist to begin singing, conveying the lyrics with a calm and ethereal voice that amplifies the track’s enigmatic atmosphere further. The gentle melody mixed with the peaceful singing evokes a feeling of calmness and curiosity, letting the enchanting beauty of “Stardust” captivate everyone who hears it.
“Stardust” maintains its enchanting and captivating musical journey throughout its duration, retaining its ethereal charm. However, at the 3:21minute mark, the song shifts unexpectedly into a haunting instrumental piece with devoid of any singing or vocal. The change in mood creates a haunting vibe in the song, which contrasts with its previous calmness, and adds an eerie atmosphere. The spooky music that is maintained till the end of the song generates a feeling of curiosity and tension, adding to the song’s intricate and profound nature.
Despite its unearthly and haunting characteristics, “Stardust” remains a cohesive and enthralling composition that showcases the artist’s talent and attention to detail. The song “Stardust” shines in the album because of the artist’s ability to mix calm melodies with eerie atmospheres, showcasing their versatility and creativity. “Stardust” is a mesmerizing piece that lingers with audiences, highlighting how music can stir feelings and transcend limits through its otherworldly introduction and chilling ambiance.

Time and Time Again:
“As the closing track on the album, “Time and Time Again” offers a vibrant and memorable conclusion to the musical journey.” The song starts with a brief, captivating tune that catches the attention of the audience before transitioning into an infectious and rhythmic beat. Even though the vocal delivery is distant, the beat remains catchy and captivating, creating a foundation for a composition that keeps developing and changing. As the song continues, the irresistibly appealing catchiness of the composition becomes more and more evident, capturing the attention of listeners.
At approximately 2:12 minutes into the song, there is a slight change in the sound of “Time and Time Again.” The voice becomes quieter, but can still be heard, letting the beat reveal its captivating charm in a more subdued manner. An additional layer of depth and texture is introduced to the track with the emergence of a tingling melody in this segment. This careful equilibrium of the vocal, beat, and melody results in a cohesive mixture that captivates and fascinates the audience.
A male vocal appears at the 4:32-minute mark near the end of the track to tell a story about time. The vocals are supported by a subtle singular sound, giving a storytelling element to the music. The narrative element in this section brings a personal feel to “Time and Time Again,” prompting listeners to ponder the album’s themes and messages. Through the blending of rhythmic beats, catchy melodies, and compelling storytelling, “Time and Time Again” provides a suitable ending to the album. It showcases the artist’s versatility and creativity, leaving a lasting impact on the listeners.

Charles Moret

One of the impressive aspects of “Dreammaker” is its flawless musical quality. Every music is crafted as a masterpiece, with careful attention to detail, ensuing in a set of track that is free from any filler or mediocre tracks. The meticulous attention to details within the vocal and instrumental arrangements is apparent, making it hard for listeners to pick out a fave song considering that each one is equally captivating. To enhance the storytelling of “Dreammaker,” Charles has added two visual components to the album, adding to its allure. These visuals ensure an immersive experience, enabling fans to explore Charles’s world more deeply and connect further with the music.

Ultimately, “Dreammaker” by Charles Moret is a remarkable achievement, a musical work of art that highlights the artist’s great skill and imagination. It is an album that merits being heard all the way through, enabling listeners to completely grasp the complexity and beauty of Charles’ artistic talent. Make sure to give this album a listen, you’ll be pleased.

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