“Cherry Blossom” By Apollo Rising: A Cinematic Symphony Of Unity And Mystery

In the vibrant tapestry of musical exploration, there emerges a luminous figure, none other than Apollo Rising. Hailing from the enchanting city of Montréal, Canada, Apollo stands as a rising force in the music realm, poised to carve his name into the very fabric of auditory innovation.

Apollo Rising’s musical journey unfolds against the backdrop of Montréal’s unique brutalism architecture, a city that breathes life into his artistic vision. It is in this concrete landscape, with its edgy contours and historical resonance, that Apollo finds inspiration for his sonic creations.


The music video of “Cherry Blossom,” released on November 29th, 2023, stands as a testament to Apollo Rising’s commitment to artistic excellence. Meticulously crafted by the artist and director David Sklubal, this visual masterpiece merges soul-stirring melodies with cinematic storytelling. Shot against the unique brutalism architecture of Montréal, the video beckoned on me into a world of 80s film noir, where emotive frames and colored lights weave a narrative tapestry that mirrors the song’s essence. As I embark on this sensory journey, let the melodies of Montréal’s luminary guide me through the evocative landscape.

The music video for Apollo Rising’s “Cherry Blossom” is more than a visual journey; it’s a masterfully crafted narrative that unfolds from the very first frame. As I delve into this captivating odyssey, the marriage of colored lights, blurred motion pictures, and emotive frame transitions becomes apparent, creating a mesmerizing experience perfectly attuned to the soul-stirring notes of “Cherry Blossom.”

The emotional saga begins with an old, unstable blue screen, unveiling Apollo Rising against the gritty backdrop of Montréal. The first frame, adorned with the song’s title, the artist’s name, and director David Sklubal’s credit, sets the stage for what unfolds. Apollo, walking forward with flowers, pays homage to the creation, dropping a flower on a stone—an acknowledgment of the phenomenal artistry at play.

The narrative unfurls from the third frame, revealing Apollo as a private detective in his office, pouring a glass of wine. A call interrupts, and an envelope arrives, containing money, a picture of a mystery lady, and a letter revealing a profound connection – “we were separated at birth, please tell me about my sister and where she is.” The emotional depth is heightened by the song’s sounds, already an emotional pilgrimage that seamlessly elevates the music video.

The acoustic guitar, enchanting and captivating, introduces the song’s sonic landscape. Apollo’s voice, intense yet calm, washes over me like a wave of masterful creativity and intense passion. His vocals, akin to an angel singing, convey a dreamlike sentiment with lines like “the view is so scenic, I’m walking on the cloud, don’t tell me I’m dreaming, I’ve never heard this sound.” The chill pattern of the song emanates calmness and a comforting aura, perfectly interpreting the essence of “Cherry Blossom.”

At the 0:36 timestamp, the investigation of the mystery girl begins, taking me through frames of Apollo following her into the metro’s underground. Tension builds with scenes of the mystery girl walking anxiously, Apollo in the metro singing, and emotive colors creating a visual symphony. The 2:05 timestamp brings a twist – Apollo loses track, and the plot thickens when he watches the news at 2:41, revealing a masked killer using private detectives.

“Cherry Blossom” weaves a poignant tapestry of togetherness and unity, unveiling a thematic resonance that transcends the realms of both lyrics and visuals. The music video becomes a canvas for the song’s underlying narrative, portraying Apollo Rising as a private detective entangled in a quest fueled by familial ties. As the storyline unfolds, the lyrics echo the profound need for connection—lines like “do not let me go, just hold me close, you keep me warm, you give me hope” resonate with a yearning for a partner, a pillar of strength, and the assurance that everything will be okay. The thematic essence beautifully unfolds as the video explores the interplay of emotions, mystery, and support, painting a vivid picture of the victory that emerges from unity.

In the climactic moment, the masked killer attacks Apollo at the mystery girl’s apartment, and as Apollo tries to defend, a hammer drops. The mystery girl uses the hammer on the masked killer portraying a sense of working together, to defeat the masked killer—a triumphant resolution to a tale of unity and support.

The highligh’ of “Cherry Blossom” lies in its ability to seamlessly blend emotive storytelling with a sonic landscape that captivates the soul. Apollo Rising’s ethereal voice, ranging from intense to calming, delivers lyrics that evoke a sense of togetherness and hope. The acoustic guitar’s enchanting melody creates a chill pattern, enveloping listeners in a comforting aura. Complementing this auditory masterpiece is the music video’s visual brilliance, with its breathtaking architecture, night views, and meticulous transitions between frames. The use of colored lights and blurred motion pictures becomes a symphony of emotions, elevating the overall experience to a cinematic marvel that transcends the conventional boundaries of music and storytelling. “Cherry Blossom” stands as a testament to Apollo Rising’s artistry, offering a rare fusion of sound and visuals that demands attention and celebration.


“Cherry Blossom” is not just a music video; it’s a cinematic masterpiece that merges sight and sound seamlessly. Apollo Rising invites you on a journey of emotion, mystery, and victory. Trust me; this isn’t merely a music video—it’s an immersive odyssey that demands to be experienced.

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