Roxercat’s “Crime” explores themes of conformity and the dangers of becoming entangled in systems intended to distract and influence, especially in the internet era. The words express a sense of being lost and giving up everything to conform to social standards.

With three members and roots in Nashville, Tennessee, the incredible rock band Roxercat is no stranger to the city’s music scene. Price Jones, the band’s lead singer, songwriter, and guitarist, is followed by Stan Lassiter, a legend of jazz guitar, and bassist Bill Francis. The band got together in 2017 and has been jamming and rocking ever since.

Roxercat has amassed a sizable fan base thanks to Spotify and has continually welcomed them with new music. The fantastic song “Crime,” released on January 13th, 2023, is on their just-released EP “Pearl,” which also features other great songs. The song is the band’s second single and is currently available everywhere. 


“Crime” is best described as a mix of rock and R&B, with a massive funky bass line, killer guitar riffs, and a soul-influenced vocal line. Bill Francis begins the song with a funky bass lick, followed by Stan with a screaming melodic guitar lick that adds a blues rock vibe to the song, which is backed by a funky rhythm guitar, a dynamic drum line played by Andy Peake, and a perfectly fitted Hammond organ played by Jeff Roach that boosts the song’s atmosphere. The entrance immediately grabs your attention, but as the bass develops into a funky slap and pop line and Price Jones begins singing with her powerful and beautiful voice interspersed with lyrical guitar licks, you are compelled to remain and dance along to the song. “Crime” is flawlessly crafted and orchestrated, transporting the listener on an addicting musical journey that is matched by spectacular psychedelic imagery and bright colors in the music video.


“Crime” showcases Price Jones’ talent for storytelling and lyrics. The song is bluesy and anthemic, addressing themes of getting caught up in systems designed to distract and influence. Price Jones may demonstrate how some individuals in the internet age have lost their way, listening to anyone on how they should feel about what. “You give it all away” is repeated throughout the song to illustrate how lost an individual feels in a world that expects them to comply.

Price Jones’ voice has emotion and depth that might revive modern rock artists, displaying both her rage and urgency. The production has wailing electric guitars, keys, and drums, giving this joyful funk song a consistent feel. It does not obscure the message but rather emphasizes it.

“Crime” is a fantastic song that does everything well. Everything about this song is excellent, from the songwriting to the production. Roxercat has done an outstanding job on the song.

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