Roxercat releases their outstanding indie rock single music video

With haunting vocals and emotionally packed lyrics, Roxercat’s song “2020” depicts the range of feelings that the year 2020 brought, from sadness to resilience and all in between. The accompanying music video, which was produced using cutting-edge AI technology, depicts the challenges and rays of optimism that characters who had their lives turned upside down…

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Roxercat releases their latest rock single

Roxercat’s “Crime” explores themes of conformity and the dangers of becoming entangled in systems intended to distract and influence, especially in the internet era. The words express a sense of being lost and giving up everything to conform to social standards. With three members and roots in Nashville, Tennessee, the incredible rock band Roxercat is no stranger to the city’s…

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“Pearls” is a six-track classic rock Ep by Roxercat

Roxercat’s original EP “Pearls” boasts excellent soundscapes, a precise tempo, and calming, energizing musicianship. Progressive rock group Roxercat is from Nashville, and its members include singer-songwriter Price Jones, guitarist Stan Lassiter, and bassist Bill Francis. Additionally, there are a number of guest musicians on the recordings. Price, Stan, and Bill have been performing together since 2017. They decided to combine their talents once more to create Roxercat, an original…

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