“Pearls” is a six-track classic rock Ep by Roxercat

Roxercat’s original EP “Pearls” boasts excellent soundscapes, a precise tempo, and calming, energizing musicianship.

Progressive rock group Roxercat is from Nashville, and its members include singer-songwriter Price Jones, guitarist Stan Lassiter, and bassist Bill Francis. Additionally, there are a number of guest musicians on the recordings. PriceStan, and Bill have been performing together since 2017. They decided to combine their talents once more to create Roxercat, an original rock band, after finishing up a rock opera project they were all involved in (The Fortunate Few: the rock opera written and produced by Price).

Price Jones started making music when she was a young girl growing up in Kentucky. She spent her summers performing professionally in musical theater throughout the Louisville area. By her late teens, she had discovered the classical guitar and relocated to Nashville, Tennessee, to further her studies at Belmont University. Her move to Nashville in 1982 marked the start of a decades-long career in songwriting, recording, producing, and composing. Jones owned and managed Cat Tracks studio in Nashville, where she spent ten years producing and engineering when she wasn’t on the road. Jones composed “The Fortunate Few”, a rock opera, there in 1997.

Stan Lassiter is a classically trained guitarist from Nashville. Many regard him as the city’s premier jazz guitarist, and he is dedicated to the expression and expansion of music. He has shared the stage with some of today’s most talented musicians, including the legendary saxophonist Sonny Stitt. He has performed as an opening act for Spyro GyraBela Fleckthe FlecktonesEric JohnsonStevie Ray Vaughan, and many others.

Bill Francis, a native of Pennsylvania, began playing the bass at the age of 12 and was performing professionally with local rock bands two years later. He toured throughout the United States and Central America with the internationally known company “Up With People” after graduating from high school. Bill graduated from North Texas State University with a degree in Jazz Performance and has since played and toured with a variety of bands. Additionally, he took private lessons from John Patitucci and performed at the New York City Bass Collective. Although jazz is Bill’s true musical love, he enjoys playing in almost every genre.

Roxercat debuts their six-song EP “Pearls” after releasing two well-received singles. The album, which features progressive rock elements, will be accessible on all major streaming services starting on January 13th, 2023. Price Jones and Grammy® award-winning engineer and producer Clarke Schleicher co-produced the EP, which was recorded at Nashville’s Sound Emporium Studios with overdubs at Cat Tracks Studio.

“Pearls” Track Listing:

1. Pearls

2. Crime

3. Baby I Tried

4. I Will Not Lie

5. I Changed Today

6. 2020

Roxercat’s sound combines imaginative storytelling with stellar musicianship, as one would expect from such a seasoned group of Nashville creatives. Price’s gift for storytelling and composition, combined with the band’s polished musicianship, results in a very satisfying listening experience. The songs cover a wide range of topics, including life’s challenges in the digital age, love, relationships, life’s paradigm shifts, and living in uncertain times.

Pearls,” the opening track of the Ep and the title song, embodies Price Jones‘ worldview as a simple message: no matter the current state of relationships with the people who come and go in your life, you can still wish them happiness. “Life is about surrounding yourself with people who believe in you and you believe in them, and always holding on to your dreams,” Price says. Price takes us on an emotional journey through life with each lyric, constantly reminding us to stay in our power. 

Walk away from relationships that aren’t serving you, be firm in your beliefs and resist outside influence, be aware of the inevitable changes that will occur in your life, and meet them with optimism, knowing that our hearts can and will heal. “It’s just part of life.”

“Pearls” is a track with euphoric elements that will brighten up any dull day. This track is quite surprising because it has a distinct feel to it. Even though it gives off retro vibes in many places, it is just as contemporary as it is retro in others. You’d fall in love with the little guitar riffs here and there that give the track a huge edge and a classic rock feel. The great beats come in to make it more upbeat and worthwhile. The song begins with an intriguing and hopeful lyric tinged with a sense of helplessness.

Pearls” is a song with incredible lyrics, and you’ll want to pay closer attention to them each time you listen to it because they tell a different story each time. Another appealing aspect of the song is its relaxed tone. The song has an upbeat and merry tone to it, but it’s all wrapped up beautifully in laid-back soundscapes that help the message get across even better.

Pearls” is a great track and Ep, with great soundscapes, a perfect pace, and soothing, refreshing musicality. Definitely worth hearing and listening to!

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