Terry Blade’s new folk single “Won’t Be Around” is scheduled to be released in the early days of January 2023

Terry Blade is an artist and songwriter who specializes in creating original music with a broad and distinct sound, as long as he can achieve that emotional impact to truly connect with the audience. His musical work is informed by his personal experiences as a black queer artist. He was born in Washington, DC, and now lives in Chicago, IL. Since his debut in 2020, he has won over 40 awards for his music. He has been compared to Meshell Ndegeocello, Macy Gray, Antony, and the Johnsons.

Terry Blade’s music frequently blurs the lines between Americana, blues, and roots music aesthetics. The artist’s most recent release, “Won’t Be Around,” is a prime example of this. The track begins with a captivating introduction before delving deeper into a powerful, yet deep arrangement. The sound is warm, but it’s also clean and radio-friendly, with a fresh modern tone that’s sure to please listeners. This song is expertly produced. The sound is crisp and modern, and if you like the sound of artists like Hozier, Neil Young, Solomon Burke, Corey Harris, Townes Van Zandt, and Robert Johnson, this song is for you.

Terry Blade
Terry Blade

“Won’t Be Around” marks the point at which Terry Blade fully develops the personality of his “Ethos: Son of a Sharecropper” project. The album’s themes include self-identity, culture, community, relationships, adversity, and perseverance. The term “son of a sharecropper,” which appears in the album’s title, refers to Terry Blades‘ ancestors as black American sharecroppers in Colerain, North Carolina. Sharecropping was a system that emerged in the American South following the Civil War. Many former enslaved African-American families worked as sharecroppers on large, white-owned cotton farms and plantations.

While The term “ethos,” as used in the album’s title, also refers to an individual’s or a culture’s morals, values, and beliefs. Through an exploration of Terry’s personal experiences, the album aims to communicate his ‘ethos’ to the listener. He chose to experiment with a completely different sound this time: American roots music. He wanted to demonstrate that “black music” includes traditional Americana music and to debunk the notion that black Americans are unwelcome guests in the American roots music space.

With “Won’t Be Around,” Terry Blade gets the listener to perk up and think, “Oh, this is the real deal.” The instrumental arrangements are slow and minimalistic, acting as supporting characters to the spectacular vocal performance. This track, arguably the best vocal performance on the upcoming album, is one to revisit.

Don’t miss out on “Won’t Be Around,” which is set to be released on all major digital music streaming platforms on January 6, 2023.

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