Chughey explains that it’s acceptable to feel vulnerable and that one should not repress their feelings in the new track “SMILE.” The song inspires listeners to persevere despite their challenges and serves as a reminder that they are not experiencing their hardships alone.

Chughey‘s musical journey began in 2012, after a snowskating accident, when he formally decided to pursue his passion for music. Chughey, a hip-hop musician from Gladstone, Michigan, found a way to give birth to a version of himself that could live up to the path that some of his luminaries had carved. Chughey is influenced by artists like Eminem, Knowmads, and Atmosphere. This unleashed a torrent of attention, and both admirers and detractors were quick to recognize his artistic versatility and range, which were topped off by his inmate abilities.

Chughey is the kind of artist who creates emotionally charged music that enables us to feel and deeply connect with emotions, standing for all that is conscious. So, when you take in his music, you can be sure that it has been expertly polished and fitted with the message to elevate the experience to a whole new level. The first single from Chughey‘s upcoming EP is his most recent single, “SMILE,” which was released on February 3, 2023. It reminds me of Dadex or Lil Peep.

In “SMILE,” he expresses his insecurities and draws inspiration from a difficult time in his life to create a song that resonates with listeners on a deep level. with a catchy, upbeat hook that will make you want to sing along. Because Chughey wrote the song when he was experiencing one of his lowest lows, the lyrics are more on the depressing side. His voice allows you to hear unfiltered emotions, and he really does leave everything here in a way that anyone can understand. With its potent guitar licks and relatable lyrics about the battles against alcoholism and depression, “SMILE” is sure to hit home with anyone who has ever experienced or is currently experiencing rock bottom.

You can imagine a song like “SMILE” in that direction if you liked the music of the late Juice WRLDChughey alternates between melodic half-singing and half-rapping over the decently layered instrumentation, which provides a solid foundation for his vocals to soar. His vocals are unpolished and dreamy. Through his own suffering and depressing thoughts, the singer gives the listener the assurance that, whatever they are going through, they are not alone. Things will improve eventually if they just keep pushing.

A song like “SMILE” serves as a powerful reminder that it’s okay to show vulnerability and that suppressing our emotions will only make things worse. In expressing ourselves, we experience more healing. Chughey was able to cope and create music that many audiences who are grieving and depressed can relate to through this artistic expression.

You’ll undoubtedly enjoy this masterpiece if you are a fan of emo rap.

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