Merlot Embargo throughout the difficult seasons of the year. They release “Sticking Around” in 2020 after rehearsing and fine-tuning it. “Stick Around” is an emotionally charged indie pop song created during the pandemic, featuring a wide vocal range and sharpness. Style contrasts with the sorrowful lyrics and indie rock band.

Merlot Embargo’s musical narrative began after she dodged a terrible vehicle accident, an all-night halfway trip across the United States, and a high-speed crash in San Antonio that smashed their little Toyota Yaris. Scarlet and Geoff were unharmed, but their brush with death and the ensuing period of self-reflection unleashed their creative energies and gave them the desire to share their music with the rest of the world.

Merlot Embargo
Merlot Embargo

Their different approaches to music and life have allowed them to create music that walks the fine line between family and provocative, sonically, they have created something akin to Brandie Carlile and Adelle, backed by a band raised on the Beatles, Radiohead, and roots, they temper each other’s worst musical tendencies.

They also recorded outside of their L.A. home studio. A couple, with or without their band, raises their daughter. Their music is diverse, yet it is based on classics. While they aim to make each song unique, Scarlet’s strong vocals and Geoff’s groovy guitarist shine through.

They were thrilled with the reception they received from fans and reviewers when they launched their debut album, Don’t Look Back, in 2016. 

Don’t look back, they were ecstatic by the reception from fans and reviewers in 2016. Despite various setbacks since then, they have been hard at work, producing numerous new singles videos and playing during the epidemic, which they do regularly from home. Acoustic gigs on Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, and other streaming platforms were a terrific way to develop a community during a difficult period. The Merlot Embargo has begun.

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