Blue vedder a four-piece dream-gaze, originating from wathaurong and wurundjeri, Australia, announces the release of their newest Lead single ~ Please (Proceed) from the highly anticipated debut Ep Static.

If diversity was a song, it would be defined by the constant change in feels and roaring sounds of guitars, creatively arranged in the song “Please (Proceed)” The outstanding record, tho not easily noticed is a “refined mix of the live performance. Vocalist Seth Hancock stated that the single as well as the entire body of work is packed with features that have yet to be heard outside of the studio. “Our followers can anticipate the fuzz and energy of our live performance paired with a perfectly balanced studio mix, accentuating our favorite parts of all the tracks,” the band said. 

Blue Vedder was founded in early 2021 with the intention of filling the hole left by the 90s musical movement in the Melbourne music scene by reviving the enduringly popular 90s genre, complete with strong fuzz, delay, and adequate amounts of reverb. Explore the brains of Seth Hancock, Lauren Eddy, Lachlan Birch, and Bryce Gardiner in-depth, and allow yourself to get carried away by the dreamy atmosphere that Please (Proceed) creates. My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive, Radiohead, DIIV, and The Smashing Pumpkins were among the bands whose music served as inspiration for Blue Vedder. Blue Vedder has produced a modern yet approachable entryway to the ambient trance of the nostalgic shoegaze environment. Using Blue Vedder as a vehicle for their dark and hidden passion for the gritty, expressive genre

The four-piece have established themselves in the Melbourne DIY scene and are starting to establish their distinctive sound across the nation. These geniuses have a bright future ahead of them as they are simultaneously building a cult following and selling out shows in both Melbourne and Wollongong. Blue Vedder are on course to firmly establish themselves in the Australian market.

The song and five-track EP, produced in collaboration with Meanjin/Brisbane independent label Kitty Records and northern NSW-based management Lennox Groove, will serve as the tangible representation of the group’s captivating live performance.

The Band of four can now boast of a successful east-coast tour in February 2022 and the release of two refreshing singles consisting of Seth Hancock, Lauren Eddy, Bryce Gardiner, and Lachlan Birch, if two heads are better than one, then you can bet that these four heads will definitely do the trick. 

Please (Proceed), the album’s lead track, is accessible on all streaming services. 

For more information about the band’s plans to play Australia in 2022 tour and for exclusive goods visit bluevedder&exclusive

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