Just in from the Canadian province of Edmonton, a gospel Nigerian artist Oge Stan is excited to share her newest gospel songs, “In Your Presence” and “EL OLAM,” this amazing singles were released on September 30 and October 4, 2022, respectively, on all digital music platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, Apple iTunes, Tidal, Amazon Music, and SoundCloud, you can also find her music videos which are available to watch on YouTube and Roku TV. 

The modern gospel song El Olam was born at a time when Oge Stan was evolving, healing, and learning to find her peace both within herself and in God throughout her moments of uncertainty.  El Olam an inspiring Single by this great gospel artist Oge Stan expresses the true meaning of devotion, exaltation, and praise to the Everlasting, Eternal, Immortal, Invincible, and Unending God of the Heavens and Earth.

The performer, whose real name is Miriam Ogechi ike, is a Nigerian singer, songwriter, author, and lover of God who lives in Canada. At the age of six, she began singing. She didn’t decide to pursue singing professionally until lately. She has a degree in finance and banking, as well as an MBA in finance and accounting from the University of Nigeria and Obafemi Awolowo University, respectively. She is a mother of four beautiful children, unfortunately one of her sons passed away due to illness. She is a music enthusiast and the wife of an amazing man.

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