Darrian Gerard, a Canadian Pop-Rock virtuoso, has sculpted her musical universe from the depths of her home studio in British Columbia, Canada. Drawing inspiration from luminaries like Avril Lavigne, blink-182, Halsey, and Taylor Swift, Darrian’s anthemic pop-rock sound captivates audiences with its infectious melodies, heartfelt lyrics, and dynamic instrumentation. From mastering guitar at the age of 7 to seamlessly embracing bass, piano, drums, and vocals, Darrian’s multi-instrumental prowess defines her artistry, empowering her to write, record, and produce all of her own music with unparalleled authenticity and creativity.

Darrian Gerard has adorned the stages of renowned locations and events during her successful career, exciting audiences and leaving a lasting impression. She has established herself as an irresistible force in the live music scene, whether she is ruling the Main Stage at Laketown Shakedown 2023 in Lake Cowichan, BC, or captivating audiences at prestigious venues like the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville, TN, and the Lucky Bar in Victoria, BC. Her hits, such as the number-one hit song “Backseat Driver,” have received widespread praise and regular commercial radio play. As a result, she has been recognized with features in TJPL News Magazine and is one of the 17.8% of recipients of the Creative BC Career Development Grant who are selected.

Darrian Gerard released her much awaited EP, “Basement Stadium,” in February 2023, with help from Creative BC’s Career Development Fund. With the EP’s overwhelming success, Darrian’s place as a rising star in the music business was cemented. Darrian Gerard’s unmatched talent and unshakable commitment to her profession enthrall audiences with every performance and note, inviting them to experience music unlike anything else.


Darrian Gerard’s most recent song, “Villain,” which was released on April 12th, 2024, will transport you on an amazing voyage. With its captivating blend of powerful instrumentation and moving lyrics, this Pop-Rock song encourages listeners to delve deeper into themes of self-realization and defiance of social standards. Darrian Gerard creates a memorable experience that confirms her place as a musical powerhouse to be reckoned with with her captivating vocals and catchy songs. “Villain” is a powerful showcase of Darrian’s talent and creativity that is certain to leave an impact.

Rarely does a song in the alluring world of music become more than just sounds and melodies; instead, it becomes a meaningful reflection of the artist’s personal experience. Which brings us to Darrian Gerard’s Pop-Rock classic, “Villain.” Thanks to pulsing guitar strings and flashing drumsticks, “Villain” drew me into its world with an electric intensity from the very first notes. Darrian Gerard’s distinctive and captivating voice acts as the ideal medium for the deep messages interwoven in this musical tapestry.

A symphony of instruments enters the mix as the song progresses, each bringing a unique depth and vibrancy to the mix. Darrian Gerard’s sincere vocals are supported by an alluring beat that is enhanced by the lively piano melodies and the rich resonance of the bass. This Pop-Rock classic is a whirlwind of sound and feeling, exploding with an uncontrollably high degree of vitality and energy.

But the thing that really makes “Villain” stand out is how well it moves from intensely energetic scenes to deeply contemplative ones. The song changes tempo to a calmer one at 1:57, with quieter percussion and soothing piano melodies providing a break from the mayhem. Darrian Gerard’s ability to deftly and precisely handle the complexity of emotion in her songwriting is a credit to her artistic talent.

“Villain” serves as a mirror for me, reflecting my own path of self-awareness and defiance of social norms. I can really relate to the song’s lyrics, “I’ll be selfish, this time, this time, I’ll be the villain,” as I embrace my passions and defy social norms. Like the song’s main character, I have felt the thrill of escaping the bonds of conformity and accepting my actual self—flaws and all.

“Villain” serves as a reminder that I am in control of my character arc, regardless of the obstacles and criticism I may encounter. I take comfort in the knowledge that I am the creator of my own narrative as I make my way through the complexity of my own life. And like the “bad guy you root for by the end of the night,” I won’t apologize for taking back my own life and realizing my rebellious side.

Not only does “Villain” have catchy melodies and energetic instrumentation, but it also skillfully uses storytelling and lyrics to deliver its message. Darrian Gerard’s song invites listeners to embrace their true selves and challenge the existing quo, striking a deep chord with them. It’s evidence of the ability of music to uplift, arouse emotion, and prompt thought—a reminder that sometimes the most profound discoveries originate from within.


Darrian Gerard’s song “Villain” is more than simply a song; it’s a monument to the ability of music to arouse emotion, spark inspiration, and drive thought. It’s an amazing music with compelling lyrics, beautiful orchestration, and a rich theme that begs to be heard. “Villain” is a song that is bound to make an impact, regardless of your preference for Pop-Rock or just wonderful, meaningful music. So turn up the volume, surrender to the musical wizardry of Darrian Gerard, and embrace your inner villain.

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