Dead Storm Rising emerges from the enigmatic shadows of the Seattle music scene, shrouded in anonymity yet wielding a sonic force that reverberates with Gothic Doom Metal resonance. Comprising three members—Wraith on Guitar/Bass/Drums, Kitsune on Piano/Keyboards/Backup vox, and Hræsvelgr as the vocalist—this studio project navigates the realms of atmosphere, deftly removing personal identities to adopt personas that contribute to their compelling aesthetic.

Driven by the creative impetus of Wraith, a luminary within the Seattle music circles, Dead Storm Rising draws inspiration from the likes of Paradise Lost, Lacuna Coil, Tool, Type O Negative, and Insomnium, channeling these influences into their musical tapestry.

Leo” by Dead Storm Rising released on December 15th, 2023, as part of a Failure Tribute Compilation by Bitume Prods, “Leo” unfolds as a metamorphosis, a reinterpretation of a neo-punk grunge tune into the formidable territory of Gothic Doom Metal. From the very first notes, “Leo” unfolds like the hushed secrets of a haunting reverie. The introductory passage evokes a sense of eerie beauty, with delicate melodies that seem to linger in the air, teasing the listener’s senses and setting a mood that’s equal parts captivating and enigmatic. This initial ambience lays the groundwork for the impending sonic exploration.

At the crucial 0:12-second mark, the song undergoes a radical transformation, akin to a sudden awakening from a dream into a thrilling, visceral reality. The shift is seismic, as if the entire musical landscape is reshaped in an instant. It’s an exhilarating turn of events, where the serene ambience cascades into a whirlwind of vibrant instrumentals and impassioned vocals.

The instrumental prowess displayed throughout “Leo” is nothing short of mesmerizing. The guitars wield a duality, oscillating between haunting melodies that tug at the heartstrings and aggressive, thunderous riffs that demand attention. Complemented by the commanding rhythm of the drums, each beat feels like a pulse racing in tandem with the song’s intensity. Kitsune’s piano and keyboard work add layers of depth and emotion, intertwining seamlessly with the other elements to create a rich sonic tapestry.

Hræsvelgr’s vocals serve as the emotive centerpiece, channeling raw vulnerability and impassioned fervor in equal measure. The vocal performance embodies the turmoil and emotional turmoil of the song’s protagonist, oscillating between haunting whispers and soaring, gut-wrenching crescendos. It’s a portrayal that transcends mere lyrics, delving deep into the heart of human vulnerability and fragility.

Within the lyrical framework of “Leo” lies a profound narrative, a poignant exploration of the struggles faced by an individual grappling with extreme social anxiety. Each verse paints a vivid picture of the protagonist’s inner turmoil, offering an intimate glimpse into the daily battles waged against an overwhelming world. The words resonate with authenticity, striking a chord with anyone who has felt the weight of similar struggles.

What truly sets “Leo” apart is its ability to craft an immersive experience. The song doesn’t merely play; it envelopes the listener in a sonic cocoon, where each note becomes a palpable wave of emotion. The intensity isn’t confined to the music itself but extends to the emotional journey it embarks upon, creating an atmospheric depth that lingers long after the final chords fade away.


As the inaugural release from Dead Storm Rising, “Leo” stands tall as a testament to the band’s prodigious talent and creative vision. It’s an audacious debut, showcasing their capacity to transform and reimagine existing musical pieces into something profoundly original and compelling.

The unveiling of “Leo” signifies a monumental entry into the musical landscape. Its captivating allure and emotional depth resonate as a harbinger of Dead Storm Rising’s potential to carve a distinctive niche within the realm of Gothic Doom Metal. The song leaves an indelible imprint on those who dare to embark on its intense and evocative auditory journey, promising a lasting impact within the annals of musical exploration. Take the plunge and explore the depths of “Leo” today—it’s an experience waiting to be discovered.

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