Lights flaring, sirens blarin
People on the curb all with the camera phones starin
Know sometimes we get a little nervous when we talk to ya
Keep my hands at 10 and 2 for you, Mr. Officer
Registration, insurance all up on the dash
Didn’t want to reach for ’em, moving too fast
Where you say I’m going?
GrayBeat got it blazin
On my way to soundcheck
People gonna be waitin
All this gear is mine and I promise I ain’t rob em
I’m heading to a show right now, is that gonna be a problem?
Yeah I seen the red light, no I wasn’t speeding
Cuz I keep my head tight, controllin my breathin
Excuse all my assumptions
I know I pre-empted
You might have a gumption
You just might get tempted
If I was carryin anything that someone would be using
The only dope I got up in this trunk is this music

(can i go now?)
(whoop whoop)

only dope I got up in the trunk is this music

Soundcheck perfect, ready for the serving
Line around the corner, fire marshall getting nervous
People already got their cell phones up
Hit the stage ready to erupt
We got stuck like
Microphone is on, but the music no sound
We don’t let the pressure get us down
So I went a capella on em
Nothing but a stellar moment
Fo sho

Ah yeah, getting busy in the place to be
Ah yeah, getting busy in the place to be

Bounce with me if the vibe is right
(Hey, GrayBeat you a monster for this one, yeah)
Bounce with if the vibe is right, come on!

Nothing better than the best
Bred for the love of this music
Blessed to manifest and don’t abuse it
Cuz when you’re built like a diamond, you measure your lever
to stay so cool under pressure

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