Edward Smith, also known as Eddy P, is an energetic singer and rapper making a name for himself in the changing hip hop industry. Hailing from Sacramento, California, Eddy P is known for his bold music style, fusing intricate production with compelling narratives. His music is fueled by an aspiration to encourage, empower, and mirror his own experiences. Drawing inspiration from artists like Tupac Shakur, Yasiin Bey, Scarface, and Bone Thugs N Harmony, Eddy P produces a laid-back, genuine musical vibe that is enjoyable and relatable.

Having completed more than 17 projects, Eddy P’s unwavering determination, concentration, and persistence distinguish him as a major presence in the indie music scene. His next endeavors will showcase his love for music as a form of expression, delving into different themes and emotions that make up the human mind. Eddy P is here to revolutionize the industry and make a lasting impact with his innovative and boundary-pushing style in hip hop.

Eddy P

Released on April 25th, 2024, ‘It Ain’t Glitter’ is a pivotal milestone in Eddy P’s music career, demonstrating his skill in combining storytelling with advanced production techniques. The song is a standout jazz-infused boom-bap track that intricately explores the theme of deception and the superficiality of societal masks. The expression “Not all that glitters is gold” is the central theme of the song, providing introspection into Eddy P’s personal journey and the wisdom he has gained about the real essence of individuals and circumstances.

The melody of the song begins with a gentle piano tune, played softly to establish a reflective and thoughtful mood. This tune serves as more than just an opening; it carries on throughout the song, offering a steady foundation that keeps the listener engaged in the atmosphere Eddy P seeks to establish. The selection of a piano is important because it is commonly linked to deep feelings and honesty, fitting well with the song’s theme of genuineness and the misleading aspect of appearance.

At 11 seconds, Eddy P’s rap verses join in, blending perfectly with the piano melody. His voice effortlessly blends in, immediately captivating the listener. The beat paired with his lyrics is understated but significant, boosting the overall arrangement without overshadowing the main components of the track. This equilibrium is essential, enabling Eddy P’s lyrical content to stand out, underscoring the significance of his message.

Eddy P delivers his lyrics with a calm and composed vocal style, a deliberate choice that underscores the song’s introspective nature. His relaxed delivery contrasts with the often intense subject matter of deception and betrayal, creating a unique dynamic that adds depth to the listening experience. This vocal approach ensures that the listener focuses on the lyrics, understanding the weight of the personal experiences being shared.

The lyrics play a crucial role in “It Ain’t Glitter.” Eddy P’s story cautions against making judgments based solely on appearances, encouraging audiences to delve deeper. His words are a mix of warning and contemplation, stemming from his personal experiences with deception and superficiality. The lyrics are designed to connect on an individual level, making the song relevant to those who have experienced similar difficulties in figuring out genuine motives.

A distinctive feature of this song is its minimal instrumentation, consisting mainly of the beat and piano melody. This minimalist approach keeps the attention on Eddy P’s singing and the narrative he is sharing. Minimalism is not a weakness; it actually highlights Eddy P’s faith in his lyrics and his capability to express emotions with simplicity. It also showcases his ability to generate a captivating ambiance with few materials.

Eddy P

While the song plays, more instrumental elements are slowly incorporated, enhancing the depth and complexity without taking away from the main melody. These layers feature subtle jazz influences that enhance the boom-bap rhythm, creating a blend of nostalgia and modernity. Eddy P’s production skill is showcased through the meticulous positioning of these instruments, guaranteeing that each element contributes to the track’s theme and mood.

To sum up, “It Ain’t Glitter” is a strong representation of Eddy P’s artistic talent. The track effortlessly weaves together deep narratives and complex production, resulting in a reflective and intellectually stimulating song. Eddy P stands out in the hip hop scene for his skill in conveying profound messages with his smooth and effortless vocals. This one track not only demonstrates his range as an artist but also affirms his dedication to genuineness and complexity in his music. While Eddy P progresses, “It Ain’t Glitter” remains a major achievement, showcasing his ability to make a lasting impression in the industry. Make sure to listen to this captivating song to experience Eddy P’s music, which showcases his distinct artistry and genuine storytelling.

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