Allow me to introduce you to Joyce Tratnyek, a 20-year-old musical prodigy born in the serene landscapes of Portland, Oregon, and now carving her musical legacy against the backdrop of the bustling creativity of NYC. Joyce’s musical journey embarked a decade ago, fueled initially by a love for songwriting that gradually morphed into a deep exploration of the intricate dance between sound and emotion. Along this musical voyage, the warm embrace of the Musosoup community played a pivotal role, providing the encouragement that now forms the backbone of Joyce’s artistic pursuits.

Nurtured in the ambiance of Portland and moving on to the eclectic city that never sleeps NYC, Joyce absorbed a wide range of musical influences, molding her distinct sound identity within a rich blend of grunge, shoegaze, pop-rock, and more. Now, at the early age of 20, she is a singer, composer, and producer, about to release her debut album to the world.


Released January 7th, 2024, “Solastalgia” transcends being merely an album; it’s a sonic expedition through the very essence of Joyce Tratnyek. This collection of 18 tracks is a testament to years spent refining her art, where every note and lyric carries the weight of genuine emotion. As you immerse yourself in the enchanting soundscape of “Solastalgia,” brace yourself for the waves of nostalgia, the undercurrents of angst, and the sheer brilliance that marks the inception of a promising chapter in Joyce Tratnyek’s musical narrative.

Solastalgia Album Track List:

The Cold Will Last Forever:
In the ethereal realm of Joyce Tratnyek’s “The Cold Will Last Forever,” I find myself immersed in pure magic and captivated by a dynamic welcome into the enchanting world of her debut album, “Solastalgia.” This opening track is a departure from the ordinary, a soft-rock symphony that resonates with unique and unconventional brilliance. The finely sophisticated synths, deep bass sounds, and intriguing rhythm create a mesmerizing composition that tingles the senses. As the track unfolds, the drumbeat enters with softness and calmness, gracing the composition with finesse. Joyce’s melodic, mellow vocals at the 0:17 timestamp carry profound depth, setting the stage for an emotional masterpiece. The resonant sounds of the electric guitar at 1:15 add a stylish touch, sustaining chords that act as a passage for transcending this musical journey. This track maintains its unusual instrumentation and softly energetic tempo until its conclusion, leaving me utterly captivated.
“The Cold Will Last Forever” masterfully encapsulates the haunting melancholy of a love lingering like an eternal winter. Joyce’s poetic finesse in the lyrics paints a vivid picture of a complex relationship, where the enigmatic future is both an angel and a curse. The protagonist grapples with ominous premonitions, haunted by the spectral figure of impending destiny advising against leaving their heart unheard. The poignant declaration of giving up in December if springtime abandons them reflects a bittersweet acceptance of the inevitable. The recurring refrain underscores the enduring chill within the mind, suggesting that the symbolic cold of heartache and solitude will linger indefinitely. Joyce Tratnyek crafts a narrative that resonates with the complexities of love and loss, leaving an indelible mark on the listener.
What sets this opening track apart is its dynamic instrumentation, seamlessly blending different styles of music into a beautiful melody beyond comprehension. The peak at the 3:35 to 4:17 timestamp is a culmination of emotion, depth, and intensity that is nothing short of incredible. From the electric guitar to the harmony of Joyce Tratnyek’s vocals, the drums, and the synths, every detail adds to the insane depth of this musical masterpiece. Joyce Tratnyek has, without a doubt, created the perfect opening track, offering a glimpse into an album full of wonders waiting to be explored.

Immersing myself in Joyce Tratnyek’s fourth track, “Parallel,” from the album “Solastalgia,” I can’t help but conclude unequivocally that she is a musical genius, a prodigy of extraordinary talent. Every element within this track is a mind-blowing symphony—from Joyce’s vocals and profound lyrics to the rhythm, melody, and harmony. The composition begins with a perfect fusion of soft strings from the guitar and Joyce’s angelic vocals, sending shivers down my spine. The delicate beauty emanating from this soft and melancholic start is beyond description. As the track progresses, the subtly energetic drumming at the 0:50 timestamp follows the rhythm of my own heartbeat, teasing with increased intensity. I found myself lost in the composition, bopping my head to the captivating rhythm. The ebb and flow of intensity continue, leading me into an entrancing musical journey, repeatedly losing myself in its intricate layers.
“Parallel” talks about the complex dynamics of a relationship, skillfully using the metaphor of parallel lines to convey a profound sense of separation. The lyrics eloquently express the idea that the paths of two individuals may never intersect, symbolized by two parallel lines. Yet, amidst this distance, there’s a poignant determination to bridge the gap, emphasizing that the lack of physical touch doesn’t diminish the commitment to trying. The metaphorical comparison of the relationship to snowflakes poised to fall adds a layer of delicate beauty, while the line “Anything could happen especially nothing at all” encapsulates the uncertainty and open-ended nature of the connection. These beautifully written lyrics elevate “Parallel” to a profound exploration of longing, separation, and the unpredictable possibilities inherent in the parallel journey.
The standout feature of this song undoubtedly lies in its exquisitely crafted lyrics. The depth and profundity of the lyricism transport the listener to another world, far removed from the natural or ordinary. Joyce Tratnyek proves herself to be no ordinary songwriter with “Parallel,” showcasing an extraordinary ability to infuse depth and meaning into her music. The track, with its poetic brilliance, stands as a testament to Tratnyek’s exceptional songwriting prowess, leaving an indelible mark on the listener.

Embarking on the sonic journey that is Joyce Tratnyek’s “Bored,” the 11th track in her album “Solastalgia,” immediately draws me into a world of avant-garde brilliance. The song’s intriguing introduction, marked by unusual synths, grabs my attention and sets the stage for a grunge-pop tapestry that unfolds with relentless intensity. The fusion of edgy synths, a powerful bass line, and energetic drumming creates a captivating composition that resonates through every layer of the track. Tratnyek’s vocals, infused with raw emotion, become the driving force behind the rebellious spirit defining this title track. Each intense bass note feels like a heartbeat, propelling the song forward and showcasing the artist’s playful yet bold exploration of diverse musical realms.
In “Bored,” Joyce Tratnyek skillfully delves into a state of profound ennui, painting a vivid picture of listlessness and disinterest. The lyrics, straightforward and impactful, express the protagonist’s complete boredom and lack of concern, declaring, “I’m so bored, don’t care about shit anymore.” This candid admission reflects a profound sense of apathy, a detachment from the mundane concerns of everyday life. The repetition of the phrase “I’m so so bored” intensifies the feeling of monotony and purposelessness, encapsulating the universal experience of grappling with emptiness. The overarching theme revolves around a disillusionment with the present and a struggle to find meaning, resonating with anyone who has faced the challenge of finding purpose in moments of profound boredom.
What sets “Bored” apart is the dynamic and energetic grunge-pop style sound used to convey these impactful lyrics. Joyce Tratnyek’s ability to seamlessly blend genres demonstrates her musical versatility, proving that she is not confined by any limitations. The track’s distinctive elements showcase a fearless exploration of musical boundaries, making it a standout piece within the album “Solastalgia.” Tratnyek’s willingness to push the boundaries and experiment with her sound further solidifies her status as an artist unafraid to challenge conventions and create music that defies expectations.

Angry Ghost:
As I came fate to face with the sixteenth track, “Angry Ghost,” within Joyce Tratnyek’s album “Solastalgia,” I’m met with a spectacular and standout composition. The soft and emotional instrumentation, coupled with a hauntingly deep melody, immerses me in a fairytale-like realm—an alternate world brought to life through Tratnyek’s musical storytelling. The journey through this beautiful sound begins with the gentle caress of piano chords, creating a touching emotional ballad that draws me into contemplation. The delicate and soulful vocals of Joyce Tratnyek further enhance the captivating melody. Just as I find solace in the intimacy of the piano, the song takes an unexpected turn, swelling into shoegazey heights of intense noise and emotional angst. This juxtaposition of serene piano ballad and tumultuous crescendo creates a powerful sonic narrative, showcasing Tratnyek’s versatility and marking “Angry Ghost” as a standout gem within the evocative landscape of “Solastalgia.”
“Angry Ghost” by Joyce Tratnyek is a poignant exploration of inner turmoil and the struggle to escape the gravitational pull of despair. The vivid imagery painted by the lyrics portrays the protagonist as a sentient black hole, burdened by the weight of their own existence. Lines like ‘Gravity is killing me, why can’t I let go?’ reflect a profound emotional struggle to release the grip of inner pain. Tratnyek confronts the harsh reality that the world owes nothing, expressing a deep-seated dread that feels as ancient as bone. The haunting plea, ‘But I don’t want to be an angry ghost, an angry ghost,’ encapsulates the desperate desire to break free from the cycle of anguish and find solace. The emotional intensity of the song is heightened by its exploration of bloodstains on floorboards and the inescapable nature of suffering, creating a sonic landscape resonating with the complexities of human emotion.
Everything within this track contributes to its standout nature, making it fit its spot perfectly in this amazing album. The combination of simplistic and complex instrumentation, beautiful vocals, and the overall composition creates a truly extraordinary piece. “Angry Ghost” stands out as a one-in-a-million track, a testament to Joyce Tratnyek’s artistry and musical prowess. In gratitude, I extend a sincere thank you to Joyce Tratnyek for this breathtakingly beautiful addition to the world of music.

Joyce Tratnyek’s ability to merge genres, inject insightful words, and compose appealing melodies distinguishes her as a gifted performer. “Solastalgia” is more than just an album; it’s a trip through the many landscapes of human emotion, from haunting sorrow to rebellious energy and profound boredom. Tratnyek’s acoustic environment is one in which listeners can lose themselves while resonating with the intricacies of existence. The album’s wonderfully created pieces provide witness to Tratnyek’s skill and her unique ability to connect with the depths of the human experience through music.

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