“Emker Cel’s Musical Symphony: ‘You Are Everything You Are’ – A Profound Journey Through Emotion and Resilience”

In the scenic town of Barrow-in-Furness, United Kingdom, resides a musical luminary named Matt Kassell, recognized by the pseudonym Emker Cel. His artistic journey unfolds against the backdrop of a town steeped in history, where the fusion of heritage and contemporary soundscapes becomes the canvas for Emker Cel’s creative endeavors. Despite facing formidable challenges, including a hiatus for fatherhood, grappling with long covid, and navigating the complexities of a dissolving marriage, Matt’s indomitable spirit finds solace and expression in his craft.

Matt Kassell, donning the mantle of Emker Cel, is a versatile maestro hailing from Barrow-in-Furness. His musical pursuits took root in this historic town, where he embarked on a journey of self-discovery through melody and rhythm. Notably, Matt’s exploration extended beyond personal boundaries, with collaborative experiences in the studio of Field Music, a band whose influence resonates in his sonic tapestry. In the company of luminaries like Peter and David Brewis from Field Music, Emker Cel’s artistic evolution transcends individuality, weaving a narrative that captures the essence of resilience and creative transcendence.


Embark on a captivating auditory expedition with Emker Cel’s latest creation—a musical odyssey that transcends boundaries and resonates with the soul. The album “You Are Everything You Are,” released on December 1st, 2023, unveils a symphony of emotions and experiences meticulously woven into every note. As I delved into this sonic masterpiece, I was prepared to traverse a realm where vulnerability is strength, relationships are dissected with poetic precision, and the essence of self-worth is celebrated. Emker Cel invited me to a universe of sound where each composition is a brushstroke on the canvas of emotion, promising an immersive and unforgettable journey.

You Are Everything You Are Album Track List:

Breathing Out:
Immersing myself in Emker Cel’s enchanting realm with the opening track “Breathing Out” from the album “You Are Everything You Are” is akin to falling under a captivating spell. From the outset, the song lures me in with an ethereal sustained piano chord, creating an atmosphere of suspense and anticipation. The enchantment deepens as the acoustic guitar joins the melodic dance, weaving a mesmerizing tapestry of sound. The spell is complete with the introduction of the bass guitar, cruising gracefully on the canvas of drumming, injecting an unconventional dynamism into the composition. Before Emker Cel’s vocals even grace the song as he sings, “we didn’t even last a lifetime, we never kept thesame feeling,” I find myself addicted, repeatedly succumbing to the irresistible allure of this enchanting masterpiece.
The thematic essence of “Breathing Out” unfolds like a poignant revelation, echoing the song’s title. It encapsulates the essence of emotional freedom, vulnerability, and the ability to forge genuine connections. The lyrics, exemplified by lines like “ice is never melting if you keep your heart freezing,” illuminate the profound truth that authentic bonds cannot flourish within the confines of a cold and detached heart. Emker Cel’s invocation to “breathe out” becomes a metaphor for thawing emotional ice, allowing for the cultivation of true connections. The thematic richness adds a layer of depth to an already musically intricate composition, making it a standout piece within the album.
Attempting to pinpoint a singular standout feature in “Breathing Out” proves a formidable task, for this track is a symphony of perfection. Every element, from the rhythm to the melody, harmony, vocals, and lyrics, coalesces seamlessly to create a musical masterpiece. It serves as an impeccable opening track to “You Are Everything You Are,” setting an exceptionally high standard for the musical journey that follows. Emker Cel’s artistry shines brightly, deserving accolades for crafting a track that not only engages the senses but also establishes a profound emotional connection with me the listener.

This Is How We Breathe:
Stepping into the sonic tapestry of Emker Cel’s album “You Are Everything You Are,” I find myself captivated by the energetic embrace of the third track, “This is How We Breathe.” The song unfolds with a magnetic fusion of insane instrumentations, an intriguing tempo, beautiful rhythm, and a phenomenal melody that immediately draws me into its finely crafted ambiance. The journey begins with meticulously crafted synths complemented by the thrilling resonance of the electric guitar. This sonic landscape sets the stage for the pilgrimage within the intricately woven soundscape. As Emker Cel’s voice emerges, it feels like a cool breeze after a raging storm, gently carrying the lyrics “just hold it now and make it last, what you said is escaping me, your paper planes have crashed.” The subsequent entrance of the calming drumming enhances the overall composition, creating a perfect sonic space for this beautiful masterpiece.
Conceptual depth permeates “This is How We Breathe,” unraveling the intricate dynamics of relationships through the metaphor of shared breaths. The lyrics delicately navigate the fine balance between intimacy and struggle, portraying shared breathing as both a source of sustenance and a potential suffocating force. Phrases like “Your paper planes have crashed” poignantly hint at the fragility and impermanence inherent in shared experiences. Expressions of weariness with “I’m tired now, and fading fast” and a plea to “Watch as I suffocate?” introduce a reflective tone, exploring the challenges within connections. The recurring theme illuminates the paradox of drawing breath from each other, unveiling the complexities and limitations entwined in shared existence. The song becomes a poignant dance of closeness, resonating with the intricate beauty and risks embedded in navigating the shared space of relationships.
The remarkable quality of “This is How We Breathe” emerges in the unparalleled professionalism of its instrumentation. Every element, from the masterful drumming to the evocative guitar work, showcases a level of artistry that elevates the entire composition. The meticulous detailing in crafting this sonic experience attests to the virtuosity of the musicians involved. Emker Cel, in orchestrating this masterpiece, solidifies his status as a legend. The track’s instrumentation stands as a testament to the pinnacle of musical artistry, leaving a memorable mark and cementing its place as an outstanding gem within the album.

You Are Everything You Are:
Delving into the heart of Emker Cel’s album “You Are Everything You Are,” the tenth track, also titled “You Are Everything You Are,” emerges as a pivotal piece that encapsulates the album’s essence. Instantly, the mild groovy feel catches me off guard, unraveling a musical journey that is both stable and unpredictable, much like a rollercoaster of mixed emotions. This track stands uniquely within the album, presenting a soundscape of different emotions that resonate with authenticity. The opening seconds waste no time, offering a mildly energetic ambiance fueled by the gentle play of drums, soothing piano chords, and soul-stirring bass guitar sounds. This harmonious amalgamation serves as a prelude to the unpredictable musical mastercraft that unfolds. At the 0:14 timestamp, the electric lead guitar enchants the composition, paving the way for Emker Cel’s velvety voice to enter with the resonant lines, “anytime, any day you could feel your whole world slip away, gone but not erased.” His vocals add the perfect touch, rendering the song truly spectacular.
The essence of “You Are Everything You Are” is deeply ingrained in its title. As the lyrics unfold, affirming that “you are beautiful, you are unique, and you are so different to how you see yourself,” a surge of confidence rushes through me. Emker Cel crafts this song as a powerful anthem for self-development, sending a universal message that each listener is unique and should embrace their individuality. In a world where compliments boosting morale are often scarce, Emker Cel’s creation becomes a global proclamation, reminding everyone of their inherent worth.
The standout moments In “You Are Everything You Are” are numerous, reflecting the meticulous production and instrumentation that characterize the track. However, a truly remarkable moment occurs between the 2:21 and 2:56 timestamp when the saxophone licks cascade with insanity. The sheer brilliance of these licks leaves me stunned, with hands on my head and jaws dropped in awe. Another captivating moment unfolds between the 2:57 and 3:50 timestamp, where a choir-like orchestra introduces a voice that doesn’t sing but gracefully talks upon the instrumentation. This beautiful interplay of sounds adds a lovely and truly spectacular dimension to the track, making it an indispensable gem within the album. Trust me, “You Are Everything You Are” is everything you need in a musical journey.

Uninvited Guests:
As I reached the closing chapter of the enchanting journey within Emker Cel’s “You Are Everything You Are” album, the track “Uninvited Guests” left an unforgettable mark on me. The song’s outset is nothing short of extraordinary, ushering in an unconventional yet profoundly inspirational beginning. It serves as the perfect closure to the album, with vocals, instrumentation, production, and every element contributing to an elevated state of ecstasy. The track commences with a calm and soothing ambiance, initiated by the ethereal sounds of the piano acting as a canvas. At the 0:48 timestamp, Emker Cel’s vocals gracefully unfold, sailing smoothly on the sounds of calmly played drums, evoking a serene yet spirited feeling. The lyrics, “on a clear day you’ll find me, I’ll be looking out to sea,” transport me to a vivid mental landscape, as if the song has found a way to tangibly affect my reality. The addition of the deep and engulfing sounds from the bass guitar at the 1:10 timestamp further enhances the song’s masterful composition.
Relevant clarity permeates “Uninvited Guests,” with its lyrics vividly portraying the intrusion of unwanted presence. The lines “and the crowd would sometimes gather, like some uninvited guest, and they’ll stay too long” underscore the notion of people overstaying their welcome, akin to uninvited guests lingering when they’re neither needed nor invited. The instrumentation itself echoes this unease, effectively representing the discomfort that arises when confronted with the presence of unwelcome individuals.
The outstanding moment in “Uninvited Guests” unfolds between the 2:04 and 2:25 timestamp with the introduction of insane electric guitar riffs. These riffs add an extraordinary dimension to the song, elevating its composition to unparalleled heights. The electrifying energy within this timeframe becomes the pinnacle of the track, leaving an indelible imprint on me the listener. The mastery exhibited in this particular moment encapsulates the brilliance of “Uninvited Guests,” making it a remarkable conclusion to the musical journey woven throughout the album.


Emker Cel’s “You Are Everything You Are” is a captivating musical journey that skillfully weaves diverse emotions into a rich fabric of sound. From the enchanting opening track, “Breathing Out,” to the thematic depths explored in “This is How We Breathe,” and the empowering anthem, “You Are Everything You Are,” the album transcends conventional boundaries. The closing chapter, ”Uninvited Guests,” leaves an enduring Impression with its unconventional yet inspirational start and standout electric guitar riffs. Emker Cel’s masterful composition, coupled with poignant themes of emotional freedom and self-discovery, makes this album a must-listen. I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone seeking a profound musical experience that resonates with both the soul and the senses.

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