Eleri Ward Releases Her Latest Single Filled With Profound Emotions

“Eleri Ward, a multifaceted artist hailing from New York City, is known for her exceptional skills in acting, singing, songwriting, and music. Her latest single, “Grieving the Future,” delves into the emotional act of mourning a future that may never come to pass, highlighting her distinctive ability to combine storytelling with musical craftsmanship”.

Eleri Ward is a multifaceted artist hailing from New York City, known for her talents as an actor, singer, songwriter, and musician. Her original pop music has garnered praise, with descriptions such as “soaring” by Nexus Music Blog, “astonishing” according to Rising Artists, anddreamyas noted by Neon Music.

In 2021, Eleri embarked on a remarkable journey, recording and producing her full-length indie-folk Sondheim album, “A Perfect Little Death,” right from the confines of her closet. This innovative project gained traction and was ultimately released by Ghostlight Records. Forbes hailed it as “a harmonious marriage of musical theater and indie folk music, with hauntingly beautiful arrangements,” while American Theater Magazine celebrated it as “an incandescent new record, something genuinely new”.

Eleri’s artistic journey began with her studies in Songwriting at Berklee College of Music. She later transferred and graduated from The Boston Conservatory with a BFA in Musical Theater, focusing on Songwriting and Acting. Throughout her career, she has consistently explored the intersections between theater and music, offering a unique and captivating perspective on both art forms.

Eleri Ward’s latest single, “Grieving the Future,” released on September 8th, 2023, is a profoundly introspective and emotionally charged composition that takes listeners on a captivating journey. With her distinctive style and lyrical depth, Eleri explores the intricate concept of grieving for a future that remains elusive. This original single is a testament to her evolving artistry, combining storytelling prowess with meticulous attention to musical detail.

In “Grieving the Future,Eleri Ward’s vocal performance is nothing short of mesmerizing. She employs vocal tremolos skillfully to convey a sense of vulnerability and raw emotion. These tremolos, paired with the song’s flowing and unexpected chord progressions, create a musical journey that artfully mirrors the lyrical arc. Eleri’s ability to weave these elements together sets the song apart in the pop music landscape, showcasing her dedication to crafting music that resonates on a profound level.

The lyrical content of “Grieving the Future” is a testament to Eleri’s songwriting talent. Lines like “I’ve been grieving the future”, crying, crying over nothing” and “I’ve been hiding in plain sight, cause I’ve been fooling everybody with a smile” are infused with poignant vulnerability. The song serves as a Temporal Lament, a poignant reflection on a future that seems forever out of reach. It’s a unique exploration of emotions that many can relate to, making it a compelling addition to Eleri’s repertoire.

What sets “Grieving the Future” apart is that it isn’t merely a song; it’s a narrative. Eleri’s storytelling prowess shines through as she weaves a tale of longing, introspection, and the human tendency to fixate on what might have been. As the haunting echoes of her voice fade into the musical backdrop, listeners are left in a contemplative trance, compelled to reflect upon their own unrealized hopes and dreams.
Eleri Ward’s artistry shines brightly in “Grieving the Future”, and it hints at a promising future in the world of music, making it a must-listen for anyone who appreciates music that resonates on a deeply emotional level.

In conclusion, “Grieving the Future” is a masterfully crafted single that explores the poignant act of mourning a future that may never come to pass. With its evocative lyrics, mesmerizing vocals, and intricate musical composition, Eleri Ward’s latest release cements her status as an artist to watch. This song serves as a profound reminder to embrace the present and not lose oneself in the specter of what could have been.

Dive into the rich melodies of “Grieving the Future” and allow its emotive resonance to envelop you, leaving you with a sense of introspection and connection to the universal human experience. Go check out this single!.

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