ETOLUBOV Opens An Enchanting Soundscape With “Vselubov”

Liubov Fomenko, a young girl, found her love of music in the center of Odesa, Ukraine. She had no idea that this desire would grow into the captivating character that is ETOLUBOV today. With a soul as free as a bird and a voice as ethereal as the wind, ETOLUBOV set out on a musical and self-discovery voyage that would take her across continents and win over listeners’ hearts everywhere. ETOLUBOV expanded her horizons and traveled to the busy streets of Paris after years of perfecting her craft in her hometown. There, she was inspired by the city’s rich cultural diversity and eclectic music scene.

She started to meld modern pop trends with electronic components and genuine Eastern sounds after immersing herself in the rhythms of the world, producing a distinctive soundscape that defies classification. ETOLUBOV’s persona expanded along with her music, breaking down barriers and proudly embracing her cultural background. Having Greek, Middle Eastern, and Arabic ancestry, she incorporated a diverse range of inspirations into her music, transforming each song into a narrative of love, yearning, and self-realization.

ETOLUBOV has had incredible success along the way, winning praise for her skill and commitment and enthralling audiences with her engaging performances. Without the help of a huge label or a powerful producer, her debut track, “Attraction,” shot to number 33 on the Global Shazam Chart and an astounding fourth place on the Alternative Shazam Chart.


Now that she has more than ten years of expertise under her belt and a devoted global fan base, ETOLUBOV is prepared to introduce the world to her musical vision. “VSELUBOV,” her debut album, is a testament to her talent and commitment, giving listeners a peek into the mind and soul of a musician on the verge of greatness. She released her debut album, “VSELUBOV,” on February 9th, 2024. This magnificent vinyl record, which translates to “everything is love, all is love” in Ukrainian, is a celebration of the greatest gift of life—love—and the various ways it shows up in our lives. We are now being invited by ETOLUBOV to go on a romantic, exploratory, and musically enchanting adventure.

Vselubov Album Track List:

The song “Thisislove” on ETOLUBOV’s album “Vselubov” grabbed my attention as soon as I closed my eyes and entered its dreamy world. The song’s ethereal, fun tune defies description and takes listeners on a unique auditory journey. The piano’s dreamy tones take me to a paradisiacal atmosphere, while the synthesized guitar strings create a captivating background to begin. I feel a cool, groovy atmosphere coming on when ETOLUBOV’s angelic voice comes in, accompanied by a pulsating EDM-style percussion and deep bass runs. The way these instruments work together to produce a fascinating energy keeps me enthralled throughout the entire song.
Delving further into “Thisislove,” I am engrossed in its profound concept of realization of love’s presence and connection. The moving lyrics refer to the strong emotional connection that two souls have, signifying the close-knit and peaceful tie that exists in love. Phrases like “So this is love, baby” and “You’re like a song, You’re my soul” are repeated, inspiring amazement and surprise at the transformational power of love. The song’s dynamic range is further enhanced by the transition between reflective “hm-m” and joyful “ha-ah,” which reflect the spectrum of complex emotions encountered in issues of the heart. In general, “Thisislove” invites listeners to savor the beauty and profundity of love in all of its manifestations.
But the remarkable originality of “Thisislove” is what really makes it stand out. Every element of the song, from the complex orchestration to ETOLUBOV’s lovely lyrical melody, is expertly and carefully produced. It’s a musical masterwork that surpasses expectations and profoundly affects the listener’s spirit. The song’s high points serve as a reminder of ETOLUBOV’s extraordinary talent and the profound effects of love on the human condition. It’s true that “Thisislove” is more than just a song; it’s a heartfelt trip that lasts long after the music stops.

Immersed in the soundscape of ETOLUBOV’s “Vselubov” album, “Таю” stands out as a mesmerizing composition that embodies the essence of celestial beauty. I am taken to another universe where ETOLUBOV’s music is unsurpassed as soon as the song begins, right up until the delicate synths dance in. Her heavenly voice fills me with astonishment and surprise, as if a divine presence is creating soothing melodies right in front of my ears. As the song progresses, the bass’s depth produces a river of aural beauty that flows with a great deal of rhythm and depth. The soft piano sway feels dynamic and amazing, while the drum’s throbbing pulse gives the track an otherworldly air. The orchestration works in such a beautiful harmony to create a musical masterpiece that touches me deeply on a deep level.
A deep notion of transcendence and unity is central to “Таю.” Even with the language barrier, ETOLUBOV speaks straight to the soul with his passionate delivery and compelling melody. The unearthly orchestration and ethereal tone of the song remind me that music is a language that transcends cultural boundaries and convey a sense of interconnectedness and humanity. As I listen, it seems to me that great beauty has no boundaries and that music’s power comes from its capacity to bring people together via a common sense of awe and transcendence.
However, “Таю” truly stands out for its amazing capacity to transcend boundaries and rule linguistic distinctions. Though the music’s energy and the emotions it evokes in me are so strong, I can’t even begin to understand the lyrics. It’s a true musical marvel that exemplifies how evocative and ubiquitous music is, touching people everywhere. Thinking back on the highlights of “Таю,” ETOLUBOV’s artistic mastery is so evident, and her music has such a deep effect on my spirit. “Таю” is an incredible composition that defies comprehension and takes listeners on an enthralling and fascinating journey.

Attraction (Pritiazhenie):
As the sweet and delicate voice of ETOLUBOV opens the song “Attraction (Pritiazhenie)” from her album “Vselubov,” I am immediately captivated by the sheer beauty of the sound. From the reverberating bass to the gentle percussion-like drumming, every element of the song draws me in with its hypnotic allure. The sophisticated synths add a layer of majestic allure, while the harmonizing vocals elevate the beauty of the composition to even greater heights. As the celestial strings of the guitar sway around the song with style and finesse, I am transported to a realm of pure magic, where the synergy between these instruments creates a sensation of joy and delight within me. It’s the perfect balance of energy and melody, leaving my heart joyed and my soul dancing with sheer bliss.
“Diving deeper into the essence of “Attraction (Pritiazhenie),” I am struck by the profound theme of intense desire and emotional connection that permeates the lyrics. The imagery of “Breathe you in, Filling your silence” evokes a sense of immersion in the presence of a loved one, where the silence between them is filled with profound connection. The repetition of phrases like “You and me, Feeling so timeless, Totally pure” highlights the timeless and pure nature of their love, suggesting a deep and enduring bond that transcends time and adversity. The Russian refrain “Moyo pritiazhenie” further emphasizes the magnetic attraction and deep love shared between the two, serving as a powerful reminder of the transformative power of love in overcoming challenges.
Yet, what truly stands out in “Attraction (Pritiazhenie)” is the magical moment that occurs at the 1:15 timestamp, where the instrumentation takes on a mystical quality reminiscent of Arabic folklore. The dance of the guitar and percussion-like drumming showcases their essence with unparalleled majesty, capturing my attention every single time. It’s a truly majestic moment that adds an extra layer of depth and richness to the song, elevating it to new heights of sonic splendor.


In the captivating closing song “Flowering” of her album “Vselubov,” ETOLUBOV showcases her musical prowess with unparalleled finesse. The song unfolds like a maze of instrumental wonder, drawing listeners into its enchanting world from the very beginning. As the angelic voice of ETOLUBOV crafts the lyrics, a pulsing EDM beat hits the core of the song, accompanied by light synths dancing in the background. The delicate dance of the guitar strings and the rhythmic movement of the drumbeat create a folklore-like atmosphere, evoking a sonic experience reminiscent of a historic festival. Throughout the song, ETOLUBOV’s vocals harmonize seamlessly with the instrumentation, while the ethereal quality of the piano adds an extra layer of depth to the mix. The song moves with unpredictability, crafting different sonic journeys within a single masterpiece, and it’s evident that ETOLUBOV is flexing her musicality with every note.
At its thematic core, “Flowering” delves into the essence of intense desire and emotional connection through its repetitive yet evocative lyrics. The longing to be felt “Under your skin” speaks to a deep yearning for intimacy and closeness, while the metaphor of “Fire within, Flowering” symbolizes the passionate and transformative nature of the emotions involved. The repetition of phrases like “Want you to” emphasizes the urgency and intensity of the desire to be truly understood and embraced. Overall, “Flowering” conveys a profound sense of longing and vulnerability, as well as a deep desire for emotional connection and growth within a relationship.
What truly sets “Flowering” apart and keeps it at the apex is the way it seamlessly blends different rhythms and hits to create a sonic masterpiece. The delicate display of movements in instrumentation and the perfect balance between them are truly outstanding. From the gentle sway of the piano to the deep reverberation echoing through the walls of the song, every element comes together in perfect harmony, creating a truly mesmerizing listening experience. It’s this attention to detail and the sheer brilliance of ETOLUBOV’s artistry that makes “Flowering” stand out as a standout moment in her album “Vselubov.”

“VSELUBOV” is a sonic masterpiece that transcends boundaries and language, inviting listeners on a journey of love, connection, and self-discovery. Join me as we embark on a journey through the sonic landscapes of “Vselubov,” where each track is a doorway to a world of wonder and possibility. From the infectious rhythms of “Thisislove” to the haunting melodies of “Таю” and the magnetic allure of “Attraction (Pritiazhenie),” this album offers a kaleidoscope of emotions and sensations that will leave you breathless and yearning for more.

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