Ettie Crafts A Love Epistle With Her Single “Last Best Lover”

A formidable musical force called Ettie is based in the center of the United Kingdom in the busy streets of London Emerging as a ray of hope for a generation struggling with the intricacies of love identity and self-discovery Ettie is the product of a merging of nervous energy genuine emotion and unabashed authenticity Anxious gay and caffeinated tunes to fuel your angsty blues this is the essence of Ettie’s musical journey As an English Literature graduate and connoisseur of mid-20s angst Ettie possesses a unique talent for playing with words weaving intricate stories that resonate deeply with her audience Ettie is here queer and full of existential fear fearlessly carving out a space for herself in the vibrant tapestry of the music industry.

With honest and truthful songs about queer love and life set to the backdrop of melodies reminiscent of our youth Ettie emerges as a voice for the voiceless a champion for authenticity in a world that often demands conformity Her first EP ‘Manic Pixie Dream Girl’ introduced audiences to the raw emotion and unapologetic energy that define Ettie’s sound Ettie’s songs, which range from the eerie tunes of “I’m Sorry to my Exes” to the catchy “Marty McFly” are a reflection of the complexity of love longing and self-discovery and speak to the core of the queer-pop movement Ettie’s music is a mashup of inventiveness raw passion and nostalgia ranging from influences like Avril Lavigne Pale Waves and Hayley Williams to the 00s boy bands she grew up with and 80s female-fronted rock. With every chord every phrase and every beat her music offers listeners a view into the depths of her soul in a way that seems both genuine and familiar.


“Last Best Lover,” Ettie’s most recent musical masterpiece was released to the globe on February 14, 2024, amid the hustle and bustle of Valentine’s Day celebrations “Last Best Lover” is a celebration of LGBT love passion and uncontrolled joy a love letter in the shape of song Listeners are immediately thrust into a world of electric guitars thunderous drums and throbbing synths a world where authenticity is paramount and love has no boundaries as soon as the first chords begin to play through the speakers Ettie invites listeners to accompany her on a journey of love longing and release with every lyric and song putting her entire being into every note.

Have you ever been the recipient of a heartfelt adoration-filled love letter? since that is precisely what Ettie’s song “Last Best Lover” is about Whoever Ettie had in mind when she wrote this song is very fortunate because there couldn’t have been better words for a love letter than the ones in this song It’s a love letter expressed through music full of adoration and appreciation and genuinely full of heart and soul. In addition the instrumentation exudes happiness and excitement which mirrors Ettie’s happiness during the recording process Yes this enthusiasm and joy had an effect on me it moved me to the point I wished I was the one Ettie wrote this letter to.

This love masterpiece begins with a steady deep bass sound and an orchestration of heavy synths moving erratically in the background It then explodes with a groovy and playful beat from the drum a resounding flow from the bass and elegant guitar sounds moving consistently in the strumming pattern At the 0:20 timestamp, energetic piano sounds and twangy electric guitar sounds entered the mix paving the way for Ettie’s loving and enriched vocals to make her entrance Her lyricism is truly heartfelt At this point the song’s lively and lively rhythm has already begun to flow through It is playful and joyous.

The song changed slightly at the 1:34 timestamp but it kept the same tempo and flow throughout The lifted piano chords drum beat and soft guitar notes along with the ad-libbed vocals in the background were the causes of this change Then at the 1:47 timestamp the bass guitar became more prominent creating an incredibly beautiful rhythm The flowing strings further enhanced the song’s liveliness Even towards the end of the song there are still a few subdued and soulful changes The upbeat vibe of the song is further enhanced by the addition of backing vocalists and soft piano notes Ettie put a lot of love and effort into this.


The theme of Ettie’s song “Last Best Lover” is my love for my romantic interest which is nuanced and nearly contradictory Admiration uncertainty and fragility are all conveyed in the lyric Despite my reluctance to openly express my sentiments I realize the humor and attraction of my beloved “She loves me back it must be a joke” perfectly expresses my feeling of shock or amazement at the extent of the return affection I find it intriguing and challenging that my partner has layers to her personality given that she is described as “complicated” and “temperamental” Even with all of the complexity there is a clear link shown by the image of “her handprint completes mine” which denotes a strong emotional attachment The repetition of “she’s perfect by design” juxtaposed with the acknowledgment of her complexities hints at my internal struggle of reconciling idealized perceptions with the reality of the relationship The plea to “Let me be your last lover” encapsulates my desire for permanence and commitment amidst the uncertainties and complexities of love.

With its skillful blending of catchy melodies poignant lyrics and lively orchestration, “Last Best Lover” impresses listeners right away with its emotional tapestry The catchy energy and unmistakable charm of the song are attributed to every element from the dynamic variations in the orchestration to the sheer vulnerability in Ettie’s voice Witty funny and bursting with unrestrained passion Ettie’s lyrics vividly depict queer love in all its messy magnificent complexity allowing listeners to relate to the song on a deeply personal level.


The song “Last Best Lover” reminds us that love in all its forms is something to be cherished and celebrated with its uplifting melodies and expressive delivery which radiates a genuine sense of joy and love “Last Best Lover” is essentially a monument to the ability of music to uplift inspire and bring people together rather than just a song I heartily urge anyone looking for a musical adventure that is both thrilling and cathartic to fully immerse themselves in Ettie’s world She will undoubtedly make a lasting impression on your heart and soul with her contagious enthusiasm and unvarnished honesty.

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