Filip Dahl releases his latest remarkable rock single

Filip Dahl’s “Can You See the World” is a prog rock song that expresses anxiety about the unpredictability of society as a result of prominent politicians’ irrational egos and worries what future generations will inherit.

Filip Dahl, a Norwegian composer and multi-instrumentalist, began his musical career playing lead guitar in several different Norwegian rock bands in the 1970s before becoming a well-known engineer and record producer. In Trondheim during the 1980s and 1990s, he was one of the key founders and owners of the renowned and prosperous Brygga Studio. He took a self-imposed vacation from the music industry at the start of the new century, but he is now fully back as a composer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist.

Filip Dahl’s music ranges from melodic prog rock to blues rock to harmonic and symphonic rock, displaying his influences and roots in bands such as Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, Kansas, Marillion, and Dream Theater. 

Filip Dahl
Filip Dahl

“Can You See the World,” his most recent record, was released on March 3, 2023, and it clearly shows more of his prog rock side than some of his prior, more blues rock inspired songs. The song begins gently, with simply a clear chorused guitar and an electric piano, before gradually increasing in intensity and power. After a somewhat abrupt tempo change midway through the song, it gradually settles into a rather heavy style.

The song “Can You See the World” was created with the intention of making a statement about how unpredictable the society we live in has turned out to be as a result of the irrational egos of powerful politicians. We can all start to question what our grandchildren and future generations will inherit.

In the music video, Filip Dahl wears a Dream Theater shirt, hinting at the tone and atmosphere the song would have. Filip Dahl contributes vocals to the song. It was a wonderful surprise because I thought his music was mostly instrumental guitar pieces, and he performs well vocally, which is not surprising given his meticulous attention to compositional writing.

This time, Filip Dahi is captured on video singing various passages of the song in his recording studio. Hilde Fossum his wife, recorded the track while the video was being taken.

Go listen to this masterpiece now!

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