Frank Joshua featuring Tim Angrave presents his debut single

The Loneliest place in the world – Tim Angrave Solitary version 

“The Loneliest Place in the World” Tim Angrave’s Solitary Version is Frank Joshua’s 18th release in two years, and it is the final one before the release of his second album, in January 2023, titled “Talk of Things.” Tim Angrave’s haunting remix of the already lovely original takes the theme of natural beauty colliding with urban reality to new heights. In the new single “The Loneliest place in the world,” Tony White’s exquisite piano playing continues to underpin Joshua’s sublime vocals. Tim Angrave is best known for his hugely successful Chillout Lounge Mix podcast, which has over 19 million downloads!

Frank wrote “The Loneliest Place In The world” one early morning while standing on an empty train platform and reflecting on what life was doing to him at a difficult time in his life. The hints about the coming train gave him much-needed hope for the future. In The Loneliest Place in the World, it is raining, very early, chilly, and surrounded by the kind of pristine state that makes you doubt your existence. It’s mind-blowing to be outside before anyone else is awake and to enjoy the complete quiet that comes with that, especially when you’re feeling depressed. You’ll be transported somewhere you won’t want to leave by this unique encounter.

You are taken to a world of unadulterated joy and bliss in “The Loneliest Place in the World,”  which is unlike any other. It seems like you’ve finally found your own happy place, the only location where you can feel really at ease without having to distance yourself from that emotion or setting.

The expressive and relaxing piano keys of Joshua’s keyboard are as delicate as his deep and comforting vocals. It’s a music that completely takes you away and enables you to experience pure happiness without any interruptions. Close your eyes and let Frank Joshua take you on an unforgettable journey as you listen to this song, “The Loneliest Place In The World.”

“I hate to say it, but I think this is better than the original version.” Frank Joshua 

Frank Joshua – singer/songwriter 

Tim Angrave – producer

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