Ollie’s original single “Hollow”

Ollie Twohill, the one-man band, sings, plays guitar, and uses both feet on a stomp box. Ollie hopes to fill the rhythm section soon, but in the meantime, he records with his siblings, drummer Blair Hamilton and bassist Lawson Hamilton. It’s always inspiring to see solo artists pour their hearts and souls into their work, and it’s even more impressive when other musicians pitch in to help out. 

Ollie Twohill has been performing professionally in pubs, venues, and small festivals for the past 6 years, following several years of street busking. He has been playing guitar and singing since he was seven years old. His recording team has played on all seven of his releases to date, and he currently has two more recordings being mixed and mastered for release in February and April 2023. His influences include Story So Far, Neck Deep, Foo Fighters, Green Day, Blink 182, Jet, Avril Lavigne, John Mayer, and others.

Breakups are always difficult, especially when they appear out of nowhere and catch you off guard. This happened to Ollie, and the result was “Hollow,” a feeling that many of you have felt. Despite being about intense emotions, the Australian artist has a fun, upbeat sound to this track. Through “Hollow,” you can process your emotions thanks to the indie sound. 

“Hollow” is the first of three singles recorded with the same team that has worked on all of his previous projects. It was recorded in April 2022 on the sunny Gold Coast with siblings, with Blair on drums, Lawson Hamilton on bass, and Dylan J. Smith as producer and mix engineer. On all of these tracks, Ollie plays acoustic and electric guitars as well as singing.

As previously stated, when Ollie’s relationship with his partner ended, he was inspired to write the song “Hollow.” Despite the fact that it was a friendly parting, he was completely shocked and left devastated, and he decided to write the song about how he felt at the time after reflecting on his feelings and the situation he was in when he felt lost and “hollow.” Ollie, at the time of writing this heartfelt and amazing tune, was stunned and rocked. 

I suppose we can all relate to a surprise relationship breakup—that sense of being lost and the denial that things can be fixed, convincing yourself that things will change. So the lyrics to Ollie’s song “Hollow” outline that. “I’ve overstayed my welcome, and I can feel the tension rising.” And I was thinking, maybe tonight we can set sail in the middle of the night (I’m drowning).”

“Hollow,” Ollie’s latest single, unlike his other songs, will be one of his biggest hits. When an artist creates relatable music that also sounds amazing and catchy, it makes you appreciate it even more. Ollie Twohill is an artist who will become one of your favorites; he is difficult to dislike. Don’t be the only one who overlooks Ollie Twohill and his new single, “Hollow.”

On November 16, 2022, “Hollow” was released.

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