Katie Drives latest single “Next To You”

Despite the fact that she has only been writing songs for two years, Berlin-based musician Katie Drives, captivates with a powerful lyrical exposure of heavy subjects that young adults experience between the 2000s and 2022, somewhere between broken and okay. Ole Kuhlmann, who also produced her music, has a voice that is equally strong and menacing.

Katie Drives was an introverted outsider growing up in rural North Germany. She is starting a new chapter with Initiative Music’s assistance and a new punk attitude. The 21st of October saw the release of her most recent song, “Ghosts,” which features Dear Me and has already racked up over 250,000 views on TikTok and Instagram Reels. Moving forward, Katie’s debut music video and the follow-up single “Next To You” were both made public on December 2, 2022.

The song “Next To You” has a love song-sounding title, but it actually talks about something quite different: When compared to others, it expresses the emotional rollercoaster of admiration, self-doubt, envy, and guilt. Sometimes, whether on social media or among your own friends, you see people who seem perfect: prettier, smarter, more talented, more successful, more popular, and kinder, and you can’t help but feel horrible when you’re standing next to them. This is a subject with which many girls and young women, in particular, can connect. In essence, the song is about comparison-related emotions, including jealousy, admiration, and self-doubt. With elements of rock and electronic dance, it has a very pop vibe. 

The second song from a future EP of Katie Drives scheduled for release in the first quarter of 2023 is called “Next To You.”

“Next To You” is Katie’s most pop-oriented song to date because it combines rock and electronic dance elements. The video was produced in partnership with Geraldine Hutt and Juliette Lejeune, two photographers, and videographers located in Berlin, and it powerfully captures the emotional turmoil of three female characters.

I think Katie Drives is headed in the right direction for success because of the strength and intensity of her voice. Her tenacity and professionalism demonstrate a desire to separate from the crowd, which is a quality that only exceptional artists have. I was drawn to this song’s nostalgic overtones and its forward-moving rhythmic tempo. Because Katie Drives consistently creates top-notch music, I want to confirm my support for her and urge everyone to listen to “Next To You.”

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