2-D a Stamford-based band presents their latest single – Homesick

2-D second single “Homesick”

For over ten years, Sean and Nat have been pals. Their ages are 17 and 18, respectively. Sean and Nat became friends because they both enjoy listening to music, especially bands like Twenty-One Pilots. After a few years of collaborating on music for pleasure, they thought that it could develop into something more serious and formed the band “2-D” using Sean’s initial solo project. Before settling on Josh, their current drummer, they went through a number of band members. Will was later discovered after a few performances. Josh was mentioned as a potential 2-D guitarist by Will, who knew him from school. After just one hour of practice, Will was a member of the band. After that, 2-D started to play a significant role in their lives.

Some of 2-D’s key influences are Radiohead, Puma Blue, The Microphones, Joy Division, Black Country, and New Road. 

In our region, including Leicester and Stamford, they had sold-out shows. Additionally, they performed at the Wide-Eyed Festival at the O2 Academy in Leicester with Courting and Gwenno. Additionally, they have had multiple appearances on BBC Radio and have been introduced and had their music aired on US radio stations.

The second single off 2-D’s upcoming debut LP, “Halfway Down,” which will be released on December 16, is their brand-new song, “Homesick,” which was released on December 2, 2022. Over three nights, in a shed that had been converted, “Homesick” was composed, recorded, and produced. Sean and Josh worked on the song for three days and nights while also mastering the remainder of the album “Halfway Down.” 

The song is about pain and loss and centers on the idea of missing a familiar person when you’re away from home. The guitar and production effects are heavily experimented with in “Homesick.” Breakbeat percussion patterns and individual performers like Radiohead and Joy Division are also used as sources of inspiration for this song.

Listen to this fantastic single right away; you’ll be amazed.

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