Halo Rider, a dynamic musical duo from the United States, comprises Anne Harris and Markus James. Based in Chicago, their collaboration merges the simplicity of acoustic front porch music with the gritty edge of electric sounds, underpinned by powerful lyrics. Known for their electrifying live performances, Halo Rider has quickly established a strong presence in the music scene. Anne Harris, a celebrated Chicago-based fiddle player, enriches the duo with her vibrant vocals, violin, fiddle, and mandolin skills. Her extensive festival experience and collaborations with artists like Cracker, Otis Taylor, Anders Osborne, Living Colour, Amy Helm, Vieux Farka Toure, and Jefferson Starship add depth and diversity to Halo Rider’s sound.

Markus James, hailing from California, complements the duo with his multifaceted talents in vocals, guitars, percussion, and banjo. James, a critically acclaimed singer-songwriter, has released several notable albums and performed at prestigious venues such as The Lincoln Center Outdoors Series and The Santa Monica Pier Twilight series. His award-winning documentary film “Timbuktoubab” has been featured on PBS stations, and his track “On a Mississippi Porch” was included in the Oprah Winfrey film “The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks”. Together, Harris and James create a unique musical experience that blends traditional and contemporary elements, resonating deeply with their audience.

Released on June 21st, 2024, “But You Still Know” by the dynamic duo Halo Rider is a noteworthy addition to their growing discography. This song showcases their unique combination of acoustic and electric components, immersing the audience in a realm filled with emotional landscapes and striking visuals. The song starts with an otherworldly opening, featuring a soft, ambient sound that establishes the mood for the whole composition. The initial atmosphere is carefully composed, using simple instruments that gradually lay the groundwork for what will follow. The tranquil atmosphere is so peaceful, almost like it’s from another world, drawing the listener in with a sense of peaceful expectation.

Exactly 24 seconds into the song, the vocal collaboration of Anne Harris and Markus James steps into light. Their voices combine smoothly, forming a harmonious blend that feels surreal and resonates deeply. Anne Harris, with her strong and emotional singing, perfectly complements Markus James’ vibrant and layered vocals. The interaction of their voices is truly captivating, with every pitch and tone adding to an eerily stunning sound experience. Their individual talents shine through in their vocal partnership, allowing them to harmonize flawlessly and elevate the song’s ethereal quality.

The instrumentation of the song demonstrates a high level of skill in its subtlety and nuances. It includes simple elements that boost, rather than detract from, the vocal performance. The soft plucking of the guitar, along with intermittent fiddle solos, forms a delicate yet deep sonic landscape. This delicate equilibrium highlights each instrument’s individual brilliance while also enhancing the overall unity of the song. Anne Harris playing the fiddle adds emotional depth with melodies that intertwine with the vocal lines, creating a feeling of continuity and smoothness.

But You Still Know” is notable not just for its musical arrangement, but also for its lyrical substance. The lyrics are dreamlike and artistic, creating vivid images in every verse. Lines such as “Ridin high in a helium soul, pullin a dream out of a hole; Walkin barefoot over a bed of flames, talkin tongues callin all your names”, evoke a dreamlike state, inviting listeners to explore their own interpretations. Incorporating such imagery through the lyrics, enhances the song’s enigma, prompting a more profound bond and reflection. The words, just as the music, are meticulously created to connect emotionally, resulting in a deeply engaging song.

Halo Rider

Special mention should be given to the production quality of the track. The song’s production and arrangement highlight the duo’s meticulousness and skill in delivering a refined finished product. The production improves the ethereal nature of the song by strategically placing each element for a harmonious and unified sound. The atmospheric effects are utilized in moderation yet efficiently, contributing to the song’s ethereal atmosphere without overpowering the listener. This careful method of production showcases the pair’s dedication to making timeless, high-quality music.

The ability of “But You Still Know” to evoke a sense of place and time is truly impressive. The track possesses a cinematic essence that transports the listener to an alternate world, where emotions are intensified, and reality seems slightly more fluid. This is accomplished by blending expressive lyrics, melodious vocals, and a meticulously crafted sonic setting. The song is like a voyage, encouraging the listener to get lost in its layers and come out with a fresh outlook. This transportive quality is a hallmark of Halo Rider’s music, and it is on full display in this track.

Ultimately, “But You Still Know” showcases Halo Rider’s growth as an artist. It demonstrates their skill in melding classic and modern components to craft a unique sound of their own. The track stands out in their collection due to its atmospheric and cinematic qualities, which distinguish it from usual acoustic or electric compositions. The song’s dedication to their craft is emphasized by the meticulous attention to detail in both the musical and lyrical components. As Halo Rider continues to progress, “But You Still Know” exemplifies their musical talent and skill in crafting heartfelt and unforgettable music. Do not hesitate any longer and go listen to this captivating and peaceful music piece.

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