Harmonies of Serenity: Peppermint Moon’s Captivating EP “Pocket Dial Tears”

Nurtured within the serene landscapes of Point Reyes Station in the United States, Peppermint Moon emerges as a musical virtuoso, intricately weaving a captivating narrative through the art of solo expression. Rooted in the tranquil beauty of Point Reyes Station, Peppermint Moon’s journey unfolds as a testament to creativity and emotion, crafting tales of life, love, and self-discovery through intricate compositions. The artist’s origins seamlessly mirror the scenic backdrop, creating a distinctive musical tapestry. As the sole architect of this musical journey, Peppermint Moon beckons listeners into a realm where creativity shines brightly, inviting them to experience the melodic odyssey originating from the heart of Point Reyes Station.

On December 1st 2023, Peppermint Moon unveiled a musical treasure — an Original EP titled “Pocket Dial Tears.” The very name, a whimsical creation that popped into the artist’s head, paints a vivid picture of the unexpected consequences akin to a misplaced call, cleverly rhyming with the evocative phrase “crocodile tears.” Crafted entirely by Peppermint Moon, this EP is a manifestation of a labor of love, a special record deserving of every bit of attention it can garner. As the artist behind the magic, Peppermint Moon welcomes you into a realm where creativity shines bright, and music resonates freely and strongly.

Pocket Dial Tears EP Track List:

I Thought I Knew:
As I delved into the sonic realm of Peppermint Moon’s “I Thought I Knew,” the opening track from the EP “Pocket Dial Tears,” I found myself warmly embraced by a magical world where creativity thrives and music pulses with vitality. The journey begins with the enchanting strumming of guitars, seamlessly blending with the soft drumming and subtle undertone percussions. This symphony serves as an inviting gateway, paving the way for the soothing, ear-tingling vocals of Peppermint Moon to take center stage. The song’s composition undergoes dynamic shifts in tones, maintaining a consistent tempo that adds to its allure. Notably, from the 2:13 to 2:43 timestamp, the instrumentation shines, especially with the spotlight on the guitar, drumming, and percussions, creating a sound that etched itself into my consciousness.
At its core, “I Thought I Knew” unravels the truth behind perceived knowledge, mirroring the essence suggested by its title. The lyrics, delivered with finesse by Peppermint Moon, chronicle the journey of understanding that what one thinks they know may not be the ultimate reality. The opening lines, “yesterday I thought I knew it all my friend, then the truth smacked me down to the ground,” poignantly depict the humbling experience of realizing the limitations of knowledge. Yet, the subsequent lines offer a silver lining, conveying the acceptance of the fall and the potential for growth: “it’s okay to fall if you can get up again, I thought if I knew what was up then I’d be down.” Peppermint Moon expertly weaves a narrative that invites introspection and celebrates the beauty of continuous learning.
“I Thought I Knew” not only captivates with its hypnotic instrumentation but also resonates as a lyrical study of the human experience in this musical voyage. The song’s intelligent music and introspective lyrics demonstrate Peppermint Moon’s ability to create an enthralling synergy between sound and meaning. As the melodies linger and the lyrics echo, “I Thought I Knew” stands as an immersive introduction to the enchanting realm crafted by Peppermint Moon in the EP “Pocket Dial Tears.”

Day To Day:
Immersing myself in the ethereal soundscape of Peppermint Moon’s “Day to Day,” the fourth enchanting track from the EP “Pocket Dial Tears,” I found myself transported into a realm akin to a gentle breeze or an orchestral masterpiece of a heavenly choir. The symphony unfolds with a soft and engaging tempo, drawing me into a captivating scenery crafted by the soothing sounds of guitars. The celestial journey continues as heavenly-like voices join the composition, seamlessly caressed by the gentle vocals of Peppermint Moon and underlined by finely crafted percussions. At the 1:12 timestamp, the song’s beautiful melody ascends to higher realms, with increased volume harmonizing beautifully with soulful strings of the violin. From start to finish, “Day to Day” maintains a celestial symphony, creating a soundscape that feels as If plucked from a fairy tale or fantasy movie, a harmony too enchanting to be real.
“Day to Day” captures the essence of life’s struggles and beauty, offering a poignant acknowledgment of the challenges encountered in the daily grind. The lyrics resonate with the difficulties of navigating uncertainties, encapsulated in the phrase “living day to day.” This encapsulation of existing in the present moment reflects the complexities faced, revealing a raw and honest portrayal of the ebb and flow of life. Amidst the hardships, there’s a profound recognition of the beauty often overlooked or overshadowed, introducing a layer of vulnerability. The recurring question, “Is that okay?” injects a touch of uncertainty, prompting reflection on the acceptability of embracing one’s uniqueness in the face of life’s challenges. “Day to Day” emerges as a perfect blend of beautiful composition and realistic lyrics, offering a musical narrative that dives deep into the complexities of the human experience.
In this track, Peppermint Moon skillfully crafts an immersive soundscape that operates like a two edged sword not only mesmerizes with its celestial symphony but at the same time resonating as a heartfelt exploration of life’s multifaceted journey. The harmonious fusion of instrumentation and lyrics in “Day to Day” stands as a testament to Peppermint Moon’s ability to seamlessly marry sound and emotion, creating a musical masterpiece that invites listeners like you and I to reflect on their own day-to-day existence.

He She They:
As I reached the culmination of my journey through Peppermint Moon’s enchanting realm, the final track, “He She They,” from the EP “Pocket Dial Tears,” unfolded as the perfect closing soundscape. The rhythm and melody of this composition are soothing and calming, wrapping me in a cocoon of tranquility with its soft instrumentation. The celestial strings of the guitar, paired with an underlying chilling violin-like sound, create a paradisiacal landscape that captivates the senses. The opening masterpiece gracefully transitions into the soft and gentle vocals of Peppermint Moon, who carries the lyrics with precision and care. The introduction of finely crafted percussions at the 0:25 timestamp, followed by the tender caress of drumming at 0:37, builds an immersive soundscape. The background celestial vocals harmonizing at 1:35 add depth and originality, maintaining a placid tempo from start to finish.
In the thematic expression of “He She They,” Peppermint Moon navigates the difficulty of revealing one’s true self amidst societal expectations and judgments. The lyrics eloquently convey the challenges of expressing individuality and authenticity in the face of external pressures. The repeated refrain, “He don’t, she don’t, they don’t understand,” underscores a profound disconnect between someone like me and others, emphasizing the struggle to be understood for who I truly am. The lyrics poignantly capture the internal conflict and external resistance inherent in the journey of self-discovery and acceptance.
The standout feature of this song lies in its serene instrumentation, seamlessly intertwining with the poignant lyrics and complementing the vocals of Peppermint Moon. The artist demonstrates a delicate balance, proving that there is ambiance in simplicity. Notably, the saxophone licks between the 1:58 and 2:15 timestamp add a mellow and amiable yet stunning and phenomenal touch, elevating the song to a level of musical brilliance that resonates in the soul. “He She They” serves as a testament to Peppermint Moon’s artistry, offering a captivating conclusion to the EP with a perfect blend of tranquility, depth, and instrumental finesse.


Peppermint Moon’s EP, “Pocket Dial Tears,” unfolds as a musical tapestry woven with enchanting melodies, soulful vocals, and poignant storytelling. The standout feature of this captivating collection lies in its ability to seamlessly blend serene instrumentation with introspective lyrics, creating a harmonious journey through realms of self-discovery, daily struggles, and the quest for authenticity. Each track, from the magical embrace of “I Thought I Knew” to the ethereal symphony of “Day to Day” and the serene closure in “He She They,” showcases the artist’s finesse in crafting a soundscape that resonates with raw emotion and genuine artistry.

Peppermint Moon’s EP transcends mere musical composition; it serves as a testament to the artist’s ability to evoke profound reflections and connect with listeners on a deeply personal level, making “Pocket Dial Tears” a standout gem in the realm of emotive and evocative musical expressions. I highly recommend Peppermint Moon’s EP, “Pocket Dial Tears,” for a captivating musical experience that resonates with emotion and authenticity.

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