“Shiva in Flagrante” by Jacques Bailhé is a genre-defying masterpiece that weaves a timeless love story through innovative and diverse musical compositions. The album takes listeners on a captivating sonic journey, narrating the passionate encounters of the Hindu god Shiva and showcasing Bailhé’s exceptional ability to create a liberating and free-flowing musical experience.

Jacques Bailhé hails from a family rich in musical talent. His grandfather, George Bailhé, was a renowned pianist and arranger whose impressive career included working for Cecil B. Demille in the 1930s. Meanwhile, his great-uncle, Gaston Bailhé, left behind a legacy as a fine violinist, with his cherished score collection now housed at Indiana University. Jacques Bailhé’s father, a talented singer, had his voice featured on the radio and appeared in the 1930s movie “College Days.”

Stepping into the world of filmmaking and composition, Jacques Bailhé graduated magna cum laude from Art Center College of Design, attaining a BFA in Film Production. He garnered extensive experience in music, composing, and producing, collaborating with some of Los Angeles’s finest composers, studio musicians, and engineers for film and advertising. His journey even led him to work with the esteemed Dolly Parton on a theme park project. While Jacques Bailhé refers to himself as self-taught, he humbly acknowledges that he learned invaluable lessons working alongside these remarkable individuals and discussing music during his early rock & roll days, particularly in the informal setting of bars, which he fondly calls “bar theory.” Additionally, his knowledge was enriched by the insights of engineers from prestigious studios such as Paramount, Capitol, Sony, and RCA Hollywood, as well as the tutelage of respected figures like Jimmy Hite at Margarita Mix and the legendary Buzz Knudsen at Todd-AO.

In a genre-defying masterpiece, Jacques Bailhé presents his latest album, “Shiva in Flagrante,” released on February 5th, 2022. This extraordinary work weaves together diverse influences to narrate the tale of the Hindu god Shiva’s passionate love affair. Drawing from years of global experiences, including touring as a bassist, studying sitar in India, and playing drums in Bangkok, Jacques Bailhé’s creative palette is rich and expansive, resulting in this groundbreaking musical journey.

“Shiva in Flagrante” takes listeners on a captivating expedition through experimental progressive jazz, infused with elements from post-modern, Latin, and waltz music. With its ten strategically ordered songs spanning 39 minutes, the album showcases Jacques Bailhé’s exceptional ability to create ever-changing moods and a liberating, free-flowing musical experience.

“Shiva in Flagrante” album’s Tracklist

• In the Alley

• Smoke

• Backside

• Gimme That

• Shiva Steps Out

• That Seersucker Suit

• The 7th Sense

• All Lanes Merge Here

• Shiva in Flagrante

• The Facts of Creation

The album opens with “In the Alley,” instantly captivating listeners with its catchy fusion of brass and percussion. This upbeat and energetic track sets the stage for the collection of smooth yet invigorating jazz that follows. “Smoke” maintains this modern style, with lively strings and percussion providing a foundation for the captivating woodwind melody.

Moving on to “Backside,” a pulsating bassline kicks off the track, complemented by a sparkling piano theme gracefully floating above the groove. The woodwinds join in, delivering an alluring melody that wraps the listener in a cocoon of warmth.

“Gimme That” takes center stage with its bold and funky energy, showcasing impressive horn arrangements and a standout bass solo at the 1-minute 15-second mark. The track exudes irresistible charisma that beckons you to groove along.

“Shiva Steps Out” mesmerizes with layers of a full brass section, each element coming together to create an infectious energy that invites you to join the musical journey. Then “That Seersucker Suit” builds in intensity, unveiling visionary jazz progressions that continually reveal unexpected beauty with each new layer, culminating in an unforgettable musical experience.

“The 7th Sense” mesmerizes listeners with its compelling combination of drama and cutting-edge arrangements, creating a riveting and immersive listening experience. A searing guitar riff elevates the track to transcendent heights, leaving a lasting impression. The epic title track, “Shiva In Flagrante,” captivates from the outset with an ominous opening that blossoms into a magnificent composition. Jacques Bailhé’s inventive instrumentation crafts a unique sonic palette, characterized by the modern power and edge of the electric guitar and the almost otherworldly grandeur of the piano. This track perfectly embodies Jacques Bailhé’s pioneering vision.

The album reaches its climax with “The Facts of Creation,” featuring a fusion of traditional jazz instruments with a futuristic flair. The rich and commanding guitar work beautifully contrasts the majestic tone of the piano. As the closing track, it exemplifies the innovative spirit at the heart of this extraordinary work.

One of the album’s greatest strengths lies in its strategic ordering of songs. Each track is carefully positioned to make the biggest impression possible, with a planned progression of moods and emotions. As the album unfolds, listeners embark on a compelling sonic journey that explores the spectrum of human experience. From the dark and contemplative to the lively and peppy, Jacques Bailhé’s careful curation of the tracklist enhances the overall impact of the album, making it a truly captivating and unforgettable musical endeavor.

In “Shiva in flagrante,” Jacques Bailhé weaves a timeless love story using the universal language of music. Through his multidimensional compositions, he skillfully portrays Shiva’s passionate encounters, creating distinctive melodies, counterpoints, and narrative elements. The album masterfully blends diverse musical traditions, ranging from jazz to Indian influences and beyond, resulting in a seamless sonic triumph. 

With unparalleled vision, Jacques Bailhé invites listeners to immerse themselves in a world of beauty, energy, drama, and passion, as he tells the epic musical tale of a god’s forbidden love. I highly recommend you listen to this masterpiece right away!

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