“Jean RN presents his fourth EP, “Skid Markz,” released on September 14th, 2023. Influenced by various genres and artists, this EP combines Glitch-Pop and Vaporwave elements to explore themes of exploration and acceptance. Each track offers a unique and captivating listening experience. This EP promises an unconventional and mesmerizing musical journey”.

Hailing from Stowmarket, United Kingdom, Jean RN is the musical moniker of the exceptionally talented artist, Ben Wright. As a solo act, Ben takes on the roles of both performer and producer, crafting a unique and mesmerizing musical journey all on his own.

With a broad palette of influences that stretch across genres and styles, Jean RN’s music is an amalgamation of artistic inspiration. Drawing from the avant-garde soundscapes of Oneohtrix Point Never, the bold and boundary-pushing pop sensibilities of Charli XCX, and the raw emotional depth of artists like Bon Iver, Jean RN’s sonic tapestry is a captivating fusion of diverse musical elements.

Jean RN’s music represents the essence of artistic freedom and creativity, with Ben Wright at the helm of this sonic adventure. Through his alias, he pushes the boundaries of what’s possible in music, delivering a rich and immersive experience that leaves a lasting impact on those who have the pleasure of listening.

Skid Markz” is the fourth EP by the artist Jean RN, released on September 14th,2023. Jean RN crafts emotionally-driven Glitch-Pop with a touch of Vaporwave, blending harsh textures with warm synths within ever-evolving song structures. This 15-minute musical journey delves into themes of exploration, acceptance, and the process of moving on from the past. The project was skillfully mastered by Angel Marcloid, also known as Fire-Toolz. Now let’s dive into this immersive sonic experience that takes you on a transformative emotional ride.

Skid Markz EP Tracklist:
30th May 2022
Song For C

30th May 2022:
“30th May 2022
” kicks off Jean RN’s EP “Skid Markz” with a bang, immediately grabbing listeners’ attention. The song’s instrumental composition takes the spotlight, setting a distinctive and unconventional tone that stands out in the world of music. With various voices interwoven throughout the track, it delivers a truly unique and captivating listening experience. This song is a testament to Jean RN’s innovative approach to sound and music, promising an intriguing journey for those who appreciate the unexpected in music.

Song For C:
“Song For C”
takes its place as the second track on Jean RN’s EP “Skid Markz,” introducing an upbeat vibe that immediately draws listeners into its rhythm. However, what makes this song truly intriguing is its ability to transition between different musical elements and vocal styles, creating a dynamic and ever-evolving experience. It’s a song that refuses to be confined to a single mood, offering a diverse range of emotions and musical textures that make it a standout masterpiece on the EP. “Song For C” is a testament to Jean RN’s versatility and willingness to experiment with sound, promising a captivating and unpredictable musical journey for its audience.

emerges as a standout track within the EP, captivating listeners with its catchy instrumental hooks right from the start. However, what sets this song apart is its clever twist it introduces an illusion of a malfunctioning or bad speaker sound. This deliberate distortion adds a unique and mesmerizing quality to the music. Jean RN’s ability to craft a sonic experience that leaves you questioning the integrity of your speakers is a testament to the artist’s creative prowess. “Sure” not only delivers a captivating musical journey but also showcases Jean RN’s skill in pushing the boundaries of sound to create an engaging and thought-provoking listening experience.

takes on the role of the closing track on Jean RN’s EP “Skid Markz,” and it serves as a striking testament to the artist’s bold experimentation with sound. The song skillfully creates an illusion of audio degradation, simulating the experience of a breaking sound or a malfunctioning speaker. This auditory distortion, while unconventional, is nothing short of amazing and mesmerizing, carving out a unique and unforgettable sonic identity for the track. “Diarrhea” encapsulates Jean RN’s willingness to push the boundaries of sound, leaving listeners with an unconventional but captivating conclusion to the EP. It’s a testament to the artist’s commitment to sonic innovation and a fitting finale to an EP that defies musical norms.

Jean RN’s EP, “Skid Markz”, will make its release through Ghost Nun, a UK-based netlabel known for its focus on releasing cutting-edge Noise-Pop music. This EP promises a musical journey that’s nothing short of dizzying. It’s a sonic rollercoaster that blends harsh and sweet elements, weaving together dig glitch emo and noise imbued with pathos. Within its tracks, you’ll find abrasive textures coexisting with dayglo synths, creating a musical landscape that’s as adventurous as it is captivating.

At its core, “Skid Markz” is an exploration of themes surrounding the past, a journey of embracing and ultimately letting go, even when it’s emotionally challenging. It’s a bold exemplar of pop noise, unafraid to embrace any sound to convey its emotional weight. What sets it apart is the ability to balance heavy music with a playful touch, creating a unique listening experience.

Jean RN succinctly describes his music as “noisy music for sad people,” and if you’re prepared to delve into a world of unconventional sounds, this EP is a must-listen. With its innovative and unique instrumentals, “Skid Markz” promises to be refreshing and boundary-pushing. Prepare to embark on a musical journey like no other with this EP.

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