Joonas Unleashes Emotional Storm In ‘Heavy Water’: A Sonic Odyssey Through Toxic Love


Joonas is a London-based Norwegian artist known for his unique musical style. Joonas is a passionate and intimate musician, guided by the belief that love should steer all decisions in life. His songs are a reflection of his exploratory approach, uncovering uncharted emotional depths that often border on the fantastical yet remain relatable to life experiences. Growing up as the odd one out in his friend groups, Joonas discovered that his uniqueness was his greatest strength. Through his music, he aims to take listeners on a journey into unexplored realms of life, offering an escape to the parts we might not readily see.

Heavy Water” by Joonas, released on October 20th, 2023, embodies a juxtaposition of emotions and experiences within a toxic relationship. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of returning to a toxic ex, highlighting the conflict between remembering the pain caused and still desiring that person’s presence. This duality of emotions, expressed through powerful lines like “You always find a way of showing up again, no matter how far away despite how long it’s been, and now I want you” and “I forgot what I came for, forgot we’re the same, I got caught in the game,” captures the essence of the song’s theme—a turbulent relationship that blurs lines between fantasy and reality.

Joonas masterfully combines Scandinavian pop and punk elements, creating a sonic blend that’s both intense and engaging. This fusion underscores the emotional depth of the song, allowing it to resonate across various musical tastes. With its blend of anger, seduction, heartbreak, and passion, “Heavy Water” vividly illustrates the paradoxical nature of toxic relationships, painting a detailed picture of the conflicting emotions entangled within them through its lyrics.

Joonas’s vocals pulsate with an unrestrained energy that complements the song’s theme. The passionate delivery, coupled with energetic backing vocals at strategic points, enhances the song’s fervor and intensity, drawing listeners deeper into its emotional core.


The song bursts into life with vibrant guitars that set an energetic stage. The addition of beats further amplifies the intensity, enveloping listeners in an infectious rhythm that’s impossible to resist. The instrumental arrangement beautifully mirrors the song’s emotional complexity.

Delicate and detailed production elevates the song, seamlessly weaving vocals and instrumentals. This craftsmanship breathes life into the track, ensuring that every element harmonizes to amplify the song’s intense vibrancy. Every aspect of the song—the vocals, instrumentals, and thematic depth—aligns cohesively, driving home the intense vibrancy and emotional resonance of the narrative. There are no dull moments; each component contributes to the song’s immersive experience.

“Heavy Water” emerges as an irresistible anthem that encapsulates Joonas’s artistic prowess. It’s not just a song; it’s an immersive sonic journey that resonates with those who’ve navigated the complexities of toxic relationships. From start to finish, it captures the audience with its infectious rhythm and raw emotional power. This exploration highlights how each facet of “Heavy Water” contributes to its overall impact, weaving together to create a vivid and emotionally charged musical experience.

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