Erhaan Ahmad’s debut EP, “Deal With The Devil,” is an introspective journey that explores various deadly agreements and compromises witnessed in life, touching on themes like death, religion, love, money, and happiness. Through soul-stirring melodies and poignant lyrics, the EP reflects on the moments of time and pain we trade daily and encourages contemplation on life’s deeper meanings.

Erhaan Ahmad is a singer-songwriter from Berlin, Germany. His influences are Pink Floyd, Dire Straits, Her’s, and Feng Suave. On July 17, 2023, the music world was graced with the release of his debut EP titled “Deal With The Devil.” This EP, containing six soul-stirring songs spanning a total runtime of approximately 28 minutes and 24 seconds, takes listeners on an introspective journey from the opening track “16.12.14” to the closing track “Devil Deal.”

“Deal With The Devil” EP tracklist

· 16.12.14

· Flower (Kopia)

· The Trees

· Bumbling Bee

· Scylla

· Devil Deal

The EP’s opening track, “16.12.14,” captivates from the very start with a soothing guitar riff that immediately seizes the listener’s soul. As Ahmad’s dynamic vocals come in, listeners are transported to a serene environment. His voice effortlessly transitions from high to low pitches, leaving a mesmerizing impact on the audience. The subtle bass line beneath his vocals adds depth and emotion to the song. Ahmad’s poignant lyrics such as “someone told me he was watching from on high” and “someone told me God started to cry” contribute to the calm and relaxing ambiance that envelops the listener in a world of sonic bliss. Being the longest track on the EP, “16.12.14” immerses the audience in its melodious embrace, leaving them yearning for more. Serving as the first track, it aptly prepares the soul and heart for the emotional journey that lies ahead in the rest of the EP.

“Bumbling Bee,” the second track, starts with a bass line that intertwines seamlessly with Ahmad’s evocative vocals, drawing the audience into the heart of the song. As the piano chords and percussion join in, the track takes on a more joyful and uplifting tone. The soothing effect of this song leaves the listener with a sense of calm and contentment. “Bumbling Bee” narrates the tale of finding comfort in an unfamiliar place, reflecting on life’s uncertainties while journeying through the Irish countryside. Ahmad’s storytelling abilities shine through, allowing listeners to ponder their own paths.

The closing track, “Devil Deal,” introduces the listener to an upbeat and head-nodding rhythm, setting the stage for Ahmad’s distinctive vocals to take center stage. The track delves into the feelings Ahmad experienced when he finally managed to break free from his mundane 9-to-5 job, reclaiming his time to focus on what truly brings him joy. Lyrics like “turns out you got exactly what you came for” and “turns out you got exactly what you asked for” reveal the triumph of escaping a life that felt like a soul-crushing pact. The track serves as a perfect conclusion to the EP, leaving a lasting impression that compels listeners to hit the replay button.

Throughout “Deal With The Devil,” Ahmad explores a diverse range of themes, encompassing death, religion, love, money, happiness, and pain. The title itself, “Deal With The Devil,” signifies the deadly agreements and compromises Ahmad has witnessed in his life. From the sacrifice of innocent lives for ideological victories to individuals surrendering their time and happiness to corporate profits, Ahmad believes it is crucial to shed light on these agreements we make daily. The EP serves as an artistic expression of these observations, weaving poignant narratives into each track.

The remarkable production quality of “Deal With The Devil” can be attributed to the talent of producer Usama Siddiq. Siddiq’s artistic touch and meticulous attention to detail ensure that each song resonates deeply with the audience, enhancing the overall impact of the EP. The fact that the EP was recorded in Berlin adds another layer of artistic richness to the project, drawing inspiration from the vibrant music scene and cultural diversity of the city.

In conclusion, Erhaan Ahmad’s debut EP, “Deal With The Devil,” is a masterful work of art that delves into the core of human emotions and experiences. With his evocative vocals, soulful melodies, and thought-provoking lyrics, Ahmad takes listeners on a captivating journey of introspection and self-discovery. Each song stands as a testament to Ahmad’s skillful storytelling and his ability to touch the hearts of his audience. This EP is a remarkable introduction to an artist who is undoubtedly destined for greatness in the music industry.

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