“Again Begin” is a captivating EP by JSDavani that defies conventions and offers an immersive and thought-provoking musical journey. With its blend of ambient electronica and experimental elements, the EP takes listeners on a transcendent exploration of emotions, from calming serenity to haunting eeriness, all while inviting introspection and contemplation.

Jacoby Davani, a talented multimedia artist known by the moniker JSDavani, has left a significant mark on the experimental music and arts scene in Atlanta, GA, during his active years from 2006 to 2014. A versatile multi-instrumentalist, he collaborated with several local artists and groups, including White Lions, Khovicoobah, Butterface, Mengele, and Pony Payroll Bones, among others.

In 2015, JSDavani decided to retreat from the bustling scene and choose to live in seclusion in a remote area. Over the next five years, he dedicated himself to creating art and music, all while quietly honing his skills and knowledge in psychology and starting a family.

Recently, in 2023, JSDavani made a momentous decision to emerge from his seclusion and begin self-releasing new and archived music. His EP, “Imaginary Vowels,” received praise and acclaim from reviewers worldwide. The music has found its way onto various online radio stations and playlists, further solidifying JSDavani’s presence in the music world.

Beyond his musical endeavors, JSDavani is also working on an original soundtrack for an upcoming short film. The film will be showcased at the experimental film and arts venue called “The Jailhouse” in Opelika, AL, during the summer and fall seasons. This new project showcases his continued commitment to the arts and his interest in exploring different creative avenues.

Throughout his artistic journey, JSDavani has performed countless shows both as a solo artist and as part of various bands and projects across different cities and locations. With his vast experience and talent, he continues to captivate audiences with his unique and innovative approach to art and music.

JSDavani creates a truly captivating musical experience with his EP “Again Begin,” which was released on July 7, 2023. This collection showcases his exceptional skills in crafting mesmerizing instrumental compositions.

“Again Begin” Ep’s Tracklist

• A.) Brief, 2.) Breathe, C.) Mantra

• Know not now/nor never know

• begin the end

• Memoiries

• Nightmare Analyses: recurrency

The EP “Again Begin” opens with the captivating track titled “A.) Brief, 2.) Breathe, C.) Mantra,” immersing listeners in an otherworldly atmosphere. JSDavani skillfully employs sample-based synths, ethereal vocal samples, and delicate percussion to create a magical and occasionally disorienting ambiance. It feels as if you are submerged in a boundless body of water, surrounded by the enchanting soundscape.

Moving forward, the next track, “know not now/nor never know,” takes a more percussive approach with sharper beats and processed spoken word elements. Here, experimental percussive elements blend seamlessly with subtle bass percussion, inducing a trance-like state that keeps you entranced throughout the piece.

 “begin the end” entrances listeners with its quiet minimalism and immersive qualities. The track gracefully starts with gentle rhythmic hits and gradually builds a delicate sonic landscape that envelops the audience in a warm embrace. It beckons introspection and contemplation, providing a tranquil respite amidst the EP’s more intense moments.

In “Memoiries,” JSDavani introduces captivating vocals that exude profound expression. The beauty of this organic electronic track lies in its ability to evoke deep emotions, leaving a profound and lasting impact on the listener.

Closing the EP is “Nightmare Analyses: recurrence,” a track ingeniously blending disturbing soundscapes with moments of limited calm. The imaginative and creative use of sound throughout this composition evokes a sense of being in an unconscious state, only to be jolted back to reality in an unexpected and intriguing way.

“Again Begin” defies conventional norms in the world of music, delivering an immersive and thought-provoking experience. The EP showcases an impressive ability to evoke a wide range of emotions while maintaining a cohesive sonic vision. Its soothing serenity, interspersed with occasional disconcerting twists, makes it a must-listen for those seeking a unique and transcendent musical journey.

The mastery of “Again Begin” goes beyond traditional boundaries, enveloping listeners in a realm of ethereal beauty and introspection. JSDavani skillfully wields the power of sound, eliciting diverse emotional responses, from peaceful tranquility to haunting eeriness. This EP stands as a testament to the artist’s talent as a sonic sculptor, seamlessly blending ambient electronica and experimental elements to create a therapeutic and cathartic voyage for the audience.

Each track on the EP is meticulously crafted to offer a meditative experience. JSDavani’s ingenious use of samples and innovative manipulation of synths and electronica give rise to an organic and minimalistic sound. The EP effortlessly transports its listeners into a unique sonic universe, suspending them on the edges of time. From start to finish, it encourages deep introspection, offering a captivating and therapeutic sonic expedition. Embark on a transformative musical odyssey as you immerse yourself in the enigmatic soundscapes of “Again Begin.”

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