Experience the poetic brilliance of the Cornelius Eady Trio, the exceptional mastery of acoustic guitar by Charlie Rauh, and the profound impact of Lisa Liu’s piano recital in the moving ballad “Withstand.” This musical masterpiece explores deep sentiments about modern America, inspiring audiences to bravely confront obstacles and stand united. The flawless synergy of the trio brings the composition to life, creating a profound connection with listeners.

Cornelius Eady Trio is a band based in New York City consisting of three musicians: Cornelius Eady on vocals, Charlie Rauh on acoustic guitars, electric bass, and percussion, and Lisa Liu on electric and acoustic guitars as well as keyboards. They came together after being part of a band called Rough Magic that eventually disbanded. However, their shared passion for folk, folk rock, blues, funk, and poetry kept them connected and led to the creation of the band “CORNELIUS EADY TRIO”. Their music draws inspiration from different genres and combines them in a unique way to create an enchanting sound. Through thought-provoking lyrics and captivating melodies, the band creates songs that deeply resonate with their audience.

The band has had the chance to perform at events such as The Big Ears Festival, The Brooklyn Folk Festival, Piccolo Spoleto, and even made appearances on The PBS Newshour. They also had a moment when they were invited to play for the Poets and Writers gala. At the event, Stacy Abrams introduced their song Sunshine,” with Oprah Winfrey among the guests. Their popular single and their full-length album “Don’t Get Dead,“ released under June Appal, were recorded, mixed, and mastered remotely during the times of COVID-19, and despite that, the band found a way to collaborate effectively and ensure that each member contributed their best to the tracks.

WITHSTAND”,” the latest single by the CORNELIUS EADY TRIO, ⁠ is a moving and contemplative acoustic ballad. This portrays the prevailing unsettling emotions ⁠ that exist in America today. Released on July 21, 2023, the audience ⁠ finds this unique song highly impactful. Dealing with the disturbing sentiment of watching as their ⁠ once familiar country is slowly taken apart. Cornelius Eady’s powerful and heartfelt lyrics convey a quiet fury, mirroring ⁠ the collective sentiments of many during these tumultuous times. As the song unfolds, it becomes evident that “Withstand” encapsulates a genuine ⁠ and truthful depiction of the existing social and political backdrop.  The highlighted single is referred to ⁠ as a folk blues composition. In response to the fluctuating political atmosphere in the ⁠ US, it was composed near July 4th. It aims to connect with listeners who share similar ⁠ feelings about the state of the country. It lets them know They are not ⁠ alone in their observations and emotions.

The skill of the Cornelius Eady Trio in ⁠ blending feelings with their music is recognizable. The composition benefits from Charlie Rauh’s adeptness on the acoustic ⁠ guitar, bringing forth a profound sense of melancholic beauty. As an emotional tether, Lisa Liu’s piano playing roots the listener ⁠ in the flood of emotions expressed by the song. The synergistic brilliance displayed by the trio propels “Withstand” above and beyond being just another protest ⁠ song, shaping it into an intricate web of sentiments that reverberate within one’s soul.  Through skillful coordination among themselves, the instruments infuse Eady’s powerful lyrics ⁠ with energy, fashioning an immersive and all-engaging voyage through sound.​

In an encouraging call to action, the lyrics echo and urge ⁠ individuals to confront challenges directly while finding strength in unity. ‘Withstand’ is a standout song amidst the cacophony of ⁠ the world that demands listeners’ hearing and absorption. Society is presented with a mirror through the subtle yet impactful messages it ⁠ contains, encouraging listeners to ponder their contribution to molding the future. As CORNELIUS EADY and his talented Trio deliver a musical masterpiece, they entice ⁠ us to seize this instance of ambiguity with fortitude and unwavering faith. In case you ever doubt the condition of our world, are curious if others ⁠ perceive it similarly, or merely desire a therapeutic journey through music, visit the music platform you prefer immediately and completely engross yourself in this mesmerizing ⁠ acoustic song that skillfully expresses the core elements of our current age.​

Make sure you don’t let this incredible find slip through your fingers “Withstand” is not just a song; it’s an emotional ⁠ journey wrapped in haunting melodies and poetic lyrics. Whether you prefer to enjoy a cup of coffee alone, embark on a road trip with friends, or simply unwind ⁠ in the coziest corner, hit play on the CORNELIUS EADY TRIO’S “WITHSTAND” and let it stir your soul. It’s possible that in confronting life’s uncertainties alongside ⁠ others, an unexpected sense of camaraderie could arise. So, go ahead and treat your ears to this ⁠ acoustic bliss; you won’t be disappointed.​

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