Kestrel Palace releases his Indie Rock single “Swan Song”

“Swan Song” by Kestrel Palace is a powerful punk-rock track that conveys the theme of ridicule, characterized by its persistent punk melody, sharp lyrics, and fierce guitar riffs, with the song written as a reflection of the singer’s encounter with an egotistical individual at a party. The track also boasts an anthemic punk-rock melody, driving guitar riffs, and powerful lyrics that immediately grab the listener’s attention, resulting in an intense and engaging listening experience.

Bruno Rogelj’s solo project Kestrel Palace, a singer-songwriter who was born in Manchester and whose music incorporates elements of punk, rock, and pop, epitomizes the new era of alternative-indie. He is inspired by music of all eras, from his hometown’s Oasis and The Stone Roses to bands such as The Eagles and Nirvana. He is an independent, successful musician who is eager to break through with his discography thanks to his vivid sound and engaging lyrics.

With the release of Kestrel Palace’s debut track, “Get Up,” in 2021, he started making music and became well-known throughout the North-West of England. He has performed as the opening act at some of Manchester’s most renowned venues, including Night & Day Cafe and Off the Square. Kestrel Palace is a young, successful artist who was born in the early nineties. He writes his own music and lyrics, and he has a lot more in store for the future. With nearly 500,000 likes on the platform and 1.1 million views on one video alone, Kestrel Palace is making a name for himself on TikTok by creating content that makes fun of music fandoms as well as his own songs.

On November 25, 2022, alternative and energetic singer-songwriter Kestrel Palace released his new track, “Swan Song,” which is now streaming on all major platforms. The hard-hitting, anthemic track “Swan Song” sees Kestrel Palace adopt a new guise. Instead of the upbeat indie-acoustic single you’ve come to expect from the solo artist, “Swan Song” is a story of ridicule with a persistent punk melody, cutting lyrics, and savage guitar riffs.

With its intensely driving guitars and punishing rhythm, “Swan Song” immediately captures your attention. The guitar’s repetitive riff captivates the listener and almost reaches hypnotic proportions. For this type of music, it’s a smart move to use delay and telephone filters on the voices throughout the track. It gains a genuine edge and is clearly placed in the punk/grunge genre as a result, and the choruses of Kestrel Palace make excellent use of layered vocals to make them feel enormous, and placing a tambourine at this time was also a clever decision. By the time the chorus is introduced a second time, you feel at ease enough to desire to sing along because both of these additions give the listener something else to focus on.

Swan Song” is a masterwork of forceful, abrasive punk-rock and an all-encompassing listen. Not only do the lyrics, which are filled with contempt, reveal the band’s unvarnished attitude but also the way the voices and guitars seem to be fighting tooth and nail to be heard. The heavy track was a spur-of-the-moment submission to Kestrel Palace at the conclusion of a session with Tayte of Mad Fox. After attending a party where there was nothing to do but get wasted and mingle, he wrote the song in about 10 minutes the following week. There was this guy at the party, the type of guy everyone has met at some point, and his ego was so big that he couldn’t get through the front door while wearing white, thin jeans. With some of the things he said, his attitude, and even his fashion, Kestrel Palace assumes he is the subject of the song.

Kestrel Palace is obviously on a mission to create excellent music and spread awareness of it. This should be on your playlist if you like Oasis, Stone Roses, or punk rock.

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