The Official 4PM releases their new r&b/soul single

“Some Of The Time” by The Official 4pm is a smooth R&B track that delves into the complexities of relationships and encourages perseverance in the face of challenges, with its catchy beat, silky vocals, and relatable lyrics making it a meaningful and enjoyable listen for fans of R&B and pop music. 

The Official 4PM is an R&B group that was formed in 1991 by two American brothers, Roberto Pena Jr. and Reney “Ray” Pena, as well as their friends Larry McFarland and Martiz Ware. The group, originally called IV Real, started off by performing at local talent shows in Baltimore, Maryland, before securing a recording contract with Next Plateau Records in New York City in 1994. One of their songs from the debut album, “Now’s the Time,” reached number eight on Billboard’s Hot 100 in February 1995. In the same year, their single “Sukiyaki” made it to the top 100 of Di-Namix hits. The Official 4PM quickly gained popularity and started touring in Canada, the United States, and Asia. They released their second album, “A Light in the Dark,” in 1997, but faced setbacks when Martiz Ware left the group and Next Plateau Records went out of business the following year. The group took a break from recording until the Pena brothers and McFarland formed their own production label, Pena Brothers Production, and released their third album, “For Positive Music,” in 2001. They continued to tour extensively in Japan for a few more years, and in 2003, Martiz rejoined the group for their final concert tour with all four original members. In 2004, Roberto, Larry, and Ray embarked on a brief tour in Japan, which turned out to be their last for a long time.

In October 2009, The Official 4PM reunited with Martiz Ware in Los Angeles to celebrate the 10th anniversary of his wife’s dental practice. During their reunion, they performed at the anniversary celebration and even surprised a bride and groom at a wedding reception with an impromptu acapella performance of “For What More” (previously known as “The Time/Next Plateau“), a love song written by Martiz himself. Inspired by that weekend’s reunion and performances, the four decide to work on new music and prepare a comeback album to be released in the spring of 2020. In that particular year, it had been 25 years since their first single “Sukiyaki” had achieved global chart-topping success. After returning to the East Coast, 4pm connected with James (JB) Bailey from Red Room Recordings to discuss recording a new album. They started planning and writing songs, but in February 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic brought everything to a halt for the next 18 months. During this period, Red Room Recordings underwent significant upgrades and renovations, and 4pm began writing new original material, revamping older unreleased songs, and creating pre-production demos in studios that Ray and Larry had built in their homes. In July 2022, they reached out to JB, and in August 2022, 4pm began working on their latest project titled “A Song For Everyone,” which has a self-explanatory album title, and the name of a future single that will be featured on the project.


The Official 4pm, a seasoned R&B group, unveiled their latest single, “Some Of The Time,” accompanied by a music video, on December 16, 2022, under The Official 4pm Records. The track is a testament to the group’s enduring talent, as they continue to produce dynamic and fresh music. 4 P.M. is an acronym that means “For Positive Music,” which asserts the fact that the band’s music would not contain explicit lyrics, does not promote violence, and does not degrade women. Having made a name for themselves with their rendition of “Sukiyaki,” which reached number 8 on the US Billboard Hot 100 in February 1995, The Official 4pm is back with a new R&B hit, “Some Of The Time.” This silky smooth track explores the highs and lows of relationships with their signature style. With its infectious rhythm and polished vocals, the song exudes an upbeat and danceable vibe, while its lyrics delve into the common obstacles that can arise in a committed relationship.. Despite the difficulties and hardships that can arise in relationships, “Some Of The Time” by The Official 4pm urges listeners to remain steadfast and work through them. This message resonates with anyone who has experienced the ups and downs of a committed relationship, making the song a relatable and significant addition to their music catalogue. The debut of “Some Of The Time” as both a single and video signifies the first release from The Official 4pm’s own record label, and is bound to be well-received by enthusiasts of R&B and pop genres.

The harmonization on the vocals throughout this song is simply sublime, an effortless gliding off of one another that feels mastered and honed over years of collaborations. The song is a delightful blend of pop and soul, featuring a smooth and groovy sound that is sure to please the ear. The vocals are expertly produced, with a pleasing blend of electronic and synthesized elements that give the song a unique and distinct flavor. There is a prominent, pulsating bass line. With their signature sonic feel, they perform their beautiful and pleasant vocal harmonies. With its captivating production that blends smooth jazz chords, the song delves into the complexities of love and the challenges that arise from seemingly trivial things in a relationship.. The soulful and emotive vocals, accompanied by a simple yet powerful arrangement, are the strength of the song. The song’s catchy hook and lyrics about the complexities of love give it a classic feel, and its musical idiom is a testament to the song’s and the band’s timeless appeal of the song and the band. The song’s intricate harmonies, which are beautifully layered and perfectly executed, are a key component of its appeal, and they add emotional depth to the overall sound of the song. 


According to members of the group after they were interviewed for the song “some of the time“, “Technology is definitely the game changer!” In the past, the music industry mainly revolved around major record labels and expensive recording studios that were only accessible to a privileged few. Big budget video shoots, and promoting your music meant visiting radio stations and record stores all over the United States and the world. Artists today can record an entire album in the comfort of their bedroom studio, shoot a video with their iPhone, and promote their music worldwide through social media! They do not know the struggle! The group recognizes modern artists Kevin Ross, H.E.R., Silk Sonic, Megan Trainor, Charlie Puth, Ella Mai, Muni Long, Giveon, Sam Smith, and Adele as people they identify with and really enjoy listening to. This is the first single from their upcoming album “A Song For Everyone,” which we will be releasing in the spring of 2023. The Official 4pm’s “Some Of The Time” is an irresistible song that showcases their unique blend of soul and R&B, combined with their exceptional vocal harmony skills. It will be available on all music and video streaming platforms in the spring. To stay updated, follow The Official 4pm on all social media platforms @TheOfficial4pm.

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