HIRAD releases His New Electronic Single “By Your Side”

“By Your Side” by HIRAD is a powerful and emotive song that delves into the pain and struggles of love, exploring the artist’s personal thoughts and feelings on longing, connection and acceptance. The song also reflects the artist’s stance against the idealized version of love and its emphasis on sweetness. it’s a song highly recommended for listeners who appreciate meaningful lyrics, atmospheric melodies, and emotive singing.

A 23-year-old producer/DJ named HIRAD has released music on labels like Hexagon, Loud Memory, Metanoia, Different, and more since 2017. He has signed four records with the Sony Music sublabel and amassed 1.5 million Spotify streams. He wants to be known as a dark, experimental bass musician who always aspires to mix different genres. On November 4, 2022, this outstanding producer and DJ released a masterpiece called “By Your Side.”

The lyrics to the song “By Your Side” are very strong and meaningful. It is a lovely and emotional song. The melody is also very calming and gives off a dreamy vibe. The track’s opening vocals are immediately followed by mind-blowing instrumentation that will actually make you nod your head along to the beat. The expressive, emotional vocals perfectly capture the sentiments expressed in the lyrics. The mix is clear, the instrumentation is well-balanced, and the production quality is also excellent.

The song was recorded in Hirad’s home studio; in his breakdown, he wrote and composed the violin line and created a gloomy atmosphere to match his romantic feelings. Like everything else, love has a dark side alongside its beautiful side, and this is what really inspired HIRAD to write this song. The song paints a vivid picture of the artist’s inner thoughts and feelings that speak of love, longing, and the search for connection and acceptance. It is about the dark side of love and how painful it can get for lovers. It is incredibly powerful and meaningful.

HIRAD is strongly opposed to fairytale love and its sweetness because, in his opinion, a lover suffers from such love just as much as they enjoy it. HIRAD‘s goal in this song was to combine classical music and electronic dance music and tell his emotions through it, as you can hear from the song’s lyrics and vibe. Most notably, JAUZ, DJ Snake, Seth Hills, and Magnificence are the people who really made HIRAD think bass music can actually contain bitterness.

In general, “By Your Side” is a beautifully written, intensely emotional song that will appeal to listeners of all ages and backgrounds. The song’s drop has a really heavy, crazy vibe that once again conveys the dark side of love and how it can drive a lover insane. This song stands out in the current musical landscape thanks to HIRAD’s distinctive style and compelling storytelling. “By Your Side” is a song you shouldn’t miss if you enjoy deep lyrics, hazy melodies, and expressive singing.

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