“New New” is a World Cup themed pop and R&B song by Kima Otung that encourages listeners to approach new experiences with a positive attitude and to persevere through any challenges. The lyrics promote the idea of moving forward into new seasons with a clear vision and determination.

Kima Otung was raised in the South Wales valley town of Pontypridd. When she was selected as the youngest member of the Welsh National Youth Opera at the age of 14, her passion for music was nurtured. Tim Rhys Evans, the creator of the international choirs Only Men Aloud and Only Boys Aloud, directed the opera. Her early soundtrack of Motown, gospel music, and classical music continues to influence her voice now. Welsh-Nigerian pop/r&b musician Kima Otung is self-employed and self-managed. Her music has been featured on several episodes of prominent ITV shows such as “Love Island” and “This Morning,” as well as “the BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing” and series on Amazon Prime, “BT Sports,” and “Sky.” Recently, Kima Otung’s track peaked at number 6 on Shazam’s Discovery Charts, and her debut EP, “Note to Self,” was added to BBC Radio’s “Welsh A List” and played frequently throughout the station.

Michael Gracey, the director of the hit musical “The Greatest Showman,” has collaborated with Kima Otung on a number of projects at Abbey Road Studios and calls her “stupidly amazing.” As a result of her ascent to stardom in her genre, she has been live-interviewed on Sky News, BBC Radio London, and BBC Radio Wales. Kima Otung received the PRS Women Make Music award in January 2021; as a result of the success of her debut EP, she also received the PRS Momentum award this year.

The 2022 World Cup in Qatar featured music by Kima Otung. She was chosen for the UK Great Campaign, which aims to get her music heard at the major athletic event in Qatar, with the help of the British Council and Wales Arts International. As a Welsh musician, this was a special occasion because Wales was participating in the World Cup for the first time in 64 years, and Kima Otung is honored to represent the UK. Wales no longer participates in the competition, but they still have a powerful voice in Qatar thanks to Kima Otung‘s vocals for the entire World Cup.

The Garden of GREAT in Doha, which David Beckham inaugurated on Monday, November 21, has  Kima Otung’s music. As part of the government’s “Great” campaign, the garden features the best in UK music, fashion, design, and cuisine, including ice cream made by Michelin-starred chef Vineet Bhatia and flowers scented by Jo Malone CBE. For music, Kima Otung was chosen to represent the UK. At the Garden, a movie highlighting Kima Otung’s musical career is being shown alongside a talk about UK cuisine by The Great British Bakeoff winner Nadiya Hussein.

I’m Cute,” “Go Crazy,” and “New New,” Kima Otung’s most recent single released on November 28, 2022, for the World Cup, are the three songs being performed in Qatar. The songs are a part of an interactive installation of stepping stones; when they are pressed, a plaque describing Kima Otung‘s life and creative process appears along with the music.

Kima Otung‘s new World Cup single, “New New,” was created by Soulplusmind and is a rough, rumbling Pop and R&B tune that wonderfully captures the excitement of a World Cup. On this song, Kima Otung makes her rapping debut, using her distinctive intonation and rhythmic phrasing as a potent and attention-grabbing weapon. The song’s lyrics encourage stepping up into a new season, giving it your all, and never giving up, which is undoubtedly a great motto for the World Cup.

New New” is an energetic eruption. The young musician’s vocals, which are confident and carry the thread of the lyrics, are danceable, bright, and vibey. The soca-inspired groove is accompanied by lyrics like “Yeah I’m in a new season, new vision.”

Kima Otung wanted the song to have a playful vibe while simultaneously energizing listeners. With her music, Kima Otung hopes to inspire women to recognize their own brilliance. She makes music to support women on their journeys to “be deluded” about their self-love and self-belief. Kima Otung can play the piano, drums, and guitar in addition to other instruments.

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