La’Monte Creates A Melodic Hip-hop EP “What I Came For”

From the shadows, a young artist with an unwavering passion for music arose in the middle of Philadelphia, amidst the bustling streets and the sounds of daily life. The rhythms of his upbringing provided La’Monte with comfort and inspiration. He channeled this energy into a moving musical journey, despite having been born and raised in the city of brotherly love. Embracing the ageless melodies of his father’s record collection, La’Monte was drawn to the transformational power of music at an early age.

He developed his own distinctive sound, a fusion of hip-hop, modern pop, and vintage soul, inspired by icons such as Michael Jackson and Slick Rick. La’Monte was raised in an environment full with misfortune and turmoil, yet he resisted letting that stop him. His own determination and desire allowed him to acquire the skills necessary to play the guitar and piano. He pursued this ambition because he needed to express himself creatively.

Trailblazing musicians like Tyler the Creator, Pharrell Williams, and Kanye West provided encouragement for La’Monte as he persevered through the difficulties of his surroundings. They inspired him to be true to his artistic vision and push the boundaries of his profession since their reckless attitude to creating connected with his own mindset. The music of La’Monte serves as a ray of hope and fortitude in an uncertain world, and he now stands as a tribute to the strength of resolve and passion. With each new album, he opens up his universe to listeners—a world in which suffering and success coexist, unadulterated passion and heart-wrenching melodies mingle, and the quest for self-awareness never terminates.

Enter the world of magical soundscapes as La’Monte takes you on a captivating journey with his most recent EP, “What I Came For.” Discouragingly compiled of intensely personal stories, seductive rhythms, and beautiful melodies, this compilation of tracks was released on March 8th, 2024 and is a monument to the transformative power of music. Through the use of pop, hip-hop, and soul influences, La’Monte creates a sound all his own with “What I Came For,” pushing the limits of genres. An artist on the verge of fame offers a glimpse into his soul through this aural odyssey, which resonates with sincerity and emotion.

What I Came For EP Track List:

The moment I step into La’Monte’s “AfterParty,” I’m engulfed in a captivating blend of trap and hip-hop sounds. La’Monte’s ability to skillfully combine intense bass synths, throbbing drum beats, and complex light synths to create a canvas of unadulterated energy and vibrancy is evident in this tune, which features Mizzymare. I’m carried away into another realm when the music starts, one where captivating and mesmerizing sounds are woven together by lovely voices floating atop waves of instrumental genius. The rap lines move like tidal waves and the perfect cadence transports me through the night.
While it’s a musical masterwork, “AfterParty” is also a story that emerges with every beat and lyric, providing an insight into the subtleties of human connection and desire. La’Monte takes us on a trip through the happy anticipation and melancholy realization phases of a celebration. His songs are filled with real passion and honesty, as we watch him navigate the complexities of attraction and temptation. La’Monte finally decides to accept the reality of the situation, despite the power of forbidden desire, which gives the story more nuance and sincerity.
The unique blend of La’Monte’s superb vocals and the upbeat instrumentation is what really makes “AfterParty” stand out. With every component blending flawlessly to produce an incredibly unique listening experience, the song is a monument to his vision and artistry. The poetic speech, melodic arrangement, and unflinching genuineness of “AfterParty” enthrall listeners from beginning to end. Long after the last notes disappear, the song still has an impact on listeners.

Upon immersing myself in La’Monte’s “Rage/Therapy,” I am captivated by the fire and emotion that are seamlessly infused into each beat and lyric. With its constant beat and feel, the song captivates me from the first note on. It moves with style and delicacy and exudes vitality throughout. The throbbing rhythms that propel the song forward and the ethereal opening chords combine to create a captivating tapestry of sound, with every part working in perfect harmony. The lyrical skill of La’Monte shines through as he navigates themes of hopelessness, fury, and finally salvation. His voice emerges from the shadows like a guiding beacon.
Deeply examining La’Monte’s mental state following a transformative event that left him struggling with extreme anger and hopelessness, “Rage/Therapy” goes to the core of the man’s psychology. The inner struggle that permeated every part of his existence and sent him into a spiral of misery is shown through his unvarnished and genuine songs. A spirit of resiliency, nonetheless, breaks through the chaos and offers a glimpse of hope. By providing comfort to people who might be lost in their own troubles, La’Monte offers knowledge and clarity in his reflections on his path as the song approaches its highest point.
“Rage/Therapy” is fundamentally a monument to the healing power of music, a timely reminder that there is always a light to bring us home, even in our darkest hours. Long after the last notes fade, the song’s magnificent musicianship and lovely rhythmic flow take it to new heights. With unparalleled clarity and depth, it’s a highlight piece on La’Monte’s EP “What I Came For,” demonstrating his talent and vision.


Submerged in La’Monte’s “Trophies,” a soul-stirring soundscape, I’m instantly drawn in by the gorgeous instrumentation that plays out in front of me. With a symphony of powerful synth waves that pulse and reverberate like a heartbeat in the night, the song begins. As the song progressively crescendos into full instruments, sporadic bursts of percussion beats add depth and intensity and heighten suspense. An aura of vitality and energy fills the room as the deep bass sounds and synth waves dance together, preparing the listener for an unforgettable audio experience. Subsequently, La’Monte’s voice appears, piercing the obscurity like a beacon of light while skillfully and gracefully maneuvering around the instrumentation. Every note and chord creates a symphony of melody and rhythm inside of me that transports me to a state of pure musical bliss.
In contrast to the darker, more dramatic themes of the other songs on the EP, “Trophies” has uplifting, cheerful undertones. It celebrates the victories that come from hardship instead and delivers a message of empowerment and resiliency. For individuals who might be experiencing hopelessness and melancholy, the song reminds them of their own resilience and power. “Trophies” uplifts the listener by encouraging them to overcome obstacles in life and come out on top with its upbeat and reinforcing chant.
Its beautiful instrumentals and the way the instrumentation flows naturally are what really make “Trophies” unique. A beautiful and graceful symphony of sound is produced by the painstaking crafting of each note and chord. I find myself drawn further into the song’s entrancing embrace as it progresses due to the constancy with which the instruments flow. That demonstrates La’Monte’s ability to write music that uplifts and encourages the soul in addition to being an ode to his artistic vision and skill.

La’Monte’s “What I Came For” is a monument to the transformational power of music, not just an EP. La’Monte takes listeners on a voyage of perseverance and self-discovery with his powerful vocals, complex instrumentation, and intensely intimate tales. A monument to the human spirit’s capacity to overcome misfortune, each song is a chapter in his incredible tale. I’m reminded of the powerful influence music can have on our lives as I listen to the EP; it encourages us to dream big, endure, and, in the end, find comfort in the beauty of the trip.

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